Birthing can be a calm, beautiful and positive experience.

HypnoBirthing® is as much a philosophy of birth, as it is a series of techniques to help you have a relaxing, stress-free and empowering birth.

Studies have shown that if a woman feels relaxed, safe and supported in labour, they are

  • 30% less likely to request pain relief
  • 40% less likely to require a forceps delivery
  • 50% less likely to have a Caesarean
  • 60% less likely to request an epidural

Through self-hypnosis, special breathing and visualisation techniques, HypnoBirthing® teaches you how to release fear and trust your body’s own instinctive ability to give birth.

When you’re prepared for childbirth, your body and mind are in harmony. That leaves nature free to function just as it was intended.

A qualified Epworth Freemasons midwife will guide you and your birthing partner through how you can achieve a calm and positive birth that will benefit both you, and your baby.

You will learn how to call on your body’s own natural relaxant to lessen, or even eliminate discomfort and the need for medication. You will also learn ways to help bring on labour at full term.

HypnoBirthing® Advantages

  • Teaches you to achieve deep relaxation to eliminate fear, which causes tension and pain
  • Gives your birthing partner a vital role in the process
  • Shortens the first phase of labour by several hours
  • Keeps you feeling alert, fresh and energised during labour
  • Reduces the need for an episiotomy
  • Empowers you with techniques to have a calm, gentle birth – no matter which turn labour takes
  • Embraces the concept of pre-birth parenting
  • Teaches you breathing techniques to allow you to ‘breathe’ your baby into the world
  • Allows you to be informed and empowered about birth and parenting

Course Details:

HypnoBirthing® is held at Epworth Freemasons Maternity, Level 2, 320 Victoria Parade, East Melbourne.

The course includes:

  • The HypnoBirthing Book and CD
  • Rainbow Relaxation MP3
  • Class handouts, including relaxation scripts and birth preferences template

Download HypnoBirthing brochure (PDF, 984KB)

The ideal time to join is from 20 weeks and completing the course by 35 weeks.

The Epworth Freemasons midwives teaching this course are certified practitioners with the HypnoBirthing® institute.

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We encourage patients to review the HypnoBirthing International website for further information about HypnoBirthing and course content.

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