Neurosciences at Epworth

Epworth has a dedicated stroke unit, and also specialises in neurological rehabilitation after stroke, cerebral tumours, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and Guillain Barre syndrome. More than 25 accredited neurologists and neurosurgeons are accredited at Epworth.


Epworth has built an international reputation for excellence in patient care and clinical support in Neuroscience.


Neurological services are provided at Epworth Richmond, which also has a dedicated Stroke Service. Expert neurological rehabilitation is also available at Epworth Brighton, Camberwell and Richmond.

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Epworth Cliveden

Epworth Cliveden provides a relaxing and quiet environment for migraine treatment by fully qualified medical practitioners.

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Epworth Eastern



Procedural areas - Cath Lab, DPU, Endoscopy, Operating Suite


Epworth Eastern has eight operating theatres with a day surgery/DOSA area, two endoscopy theatres, and a cardiac and vascular interventional catheter lab.  Supported by the latest technology, the procedural areas provide the latest in medical care for a wide range of procedures and specialties.








Cantonese and Mandarin speaking concierge service








In the City of Whitehorse, where Epworth Eastern is located, about 7.5% of the population – more than 11,000 people speak Mandarin at home.








Amy Lau is our Cantonese and Mandarin speaking Concierge, offering personal support and helping our Chinese patients with their queries regarding admission, paperwork and health funds.


Contact our Concierge:


Mandarin speaking doctors and specialists


At Epworth Eastern, we have Mandarin speaking doctors and specialists in the following areas who can provide you with language and cultural specific services:








  • Neurology, cardiology


  • cardiothoracic surgery


  • gastroenterology


  • general surgery


  • orthopaedic surgery


  • plastic surgery


  • urology


  • vascular surgery.








Phone our concierge 1800 903 899 (free call).



Epworth Richmond


Epworth has a reputation for providing the highest levels of patient care and clinical support in all aspects of Neuroscience.


The Neuroscience Unit has 41beds, including a High Dependency Unit (plus a 4 bed dedicated Stroke Unit equipped with telemetry). The Unit with more than 40 medical staff and neuroscience health professionals, including an executive of seven, represents excellence in the practice of neurology and neurosurgery. It aims to increase the profile of the neurology and neurosurgical services at Epworth and will develop practice and teach advanced techniques in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of neurological disease.


Facilities and Support

  • 24-hour Emergency Department with on-call specialist Neurosurgeons, Neurologists and Anaesthetists.

  • Richmond Diagnostic Services offers comprehensive neurological investigation services including those required for time-critical stroke management.

  • Melbourne Pathology 

  • EEG 

  • Interventional Neurology 

  • 15-bed Intensive Care Unit providing specialised medical and nursing care 

  • Neurosurgical operating theatres with sophisticated facilities enabling all major Neurosurgical procedures to be performed.

  • Allied Health Support:

    • Physiotherapists

    • Speech Pathologist

    • Neuro-psychologist

    • Dieticians

    • Patient Support Staff

    • Chaplain

    • Occupational Therapist

  • Early involvement of rehabilitation specialists 

  • Involvement of the referring GP in the following up and ongoing care of patients

  • Ability for patient to select their own specialist 

  • Epworth provides clinical placement and mentors for nurses undertaking the RMIT critical care (Neuroscience) course.


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Rapid TIA referral service at Epworth Eastern

The unit provides rapid intervention, diagnosis and treatment for patients who present to their GPs with a suspected Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA), avoiding a potential lengthy stay in an emergency department.


  • SUSPECTGPs can phone 1800 792 778 for direct, over-the-phone admission with patients seen by a neurologist within 24 hours


  • DETECT - Led by director Dr Amanda Gilligan and currently located at Epworth Eastern. The unit is a multi-disciplinary team of neurologists, a specialist acute neurosciences clinical nurse consultant and a dedicated allied health team with rapid access to radiology including MRI, pathology, cardiac investigations, vascular surgeons and cardiologists, as required.


  • PREVENT – the unit’s specialist team will seamlessly coordinate the diagnosis, treatment and management of your patient to ensure the best possible outcomes. GPs are provided with extensive patient follow-ups, at three, six and 12 months as recommended by best care guidelines, as well as a follow-up phone call one-week post discharge.


What is a Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA)


TIA is a temporary blockage of blood to the brain, with symptoms often mimicking a stroke.
Unlike stroke, the symptoms will often disappear or lessen. However, TIA is a high-risk warning sign for stroke within 90 days, with the highest risk (reported to be up to 50 per cent) occurring in the first two days.

Epworth Eastern’s neuroscience unit is a unique service that provides rapid response to a TIA and potentially lifesaving intervention before a stroke occurs.


Stroke Service

The Epworth Richmond Stroke Service provides high quality, prompt and efficient care for patients and their families. The service reflects current best practice for the management of stroke and transient ischaemic attack (TIA).

It amalgamates specialised services that are required to manage stroke, including Emergency Department care, sophisticated diagnostics and a dedicated team of medical, nursing and allied health staff.


Stroke Care Coordinator

Phone 03 9426 8542


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Neurological Rehabilitation


Epworth Rehabilitation incorporates multidisciplinary inpatient Neurological Rehabilitation Programs, which provide comprehensive rehabilitation programs for privately insured, Department of Veteran Affairs, and self-funded clients with neurological disorders. Neurological Rehabilitation Teams provide services to clients with a range of neurological diagnoses including stroke, cerebral tumour, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and Guillain Barre syndrome.


Neurological Rehabilitation Teams comprise of a specialist team of a Rehabilitation Consultant, Rehabilitation Nursing Staff, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists, Social Workers, and Neuropsychologists, with clinical psychology and dietetic services available for clients, as required. The team is dedicated to providing specific rehabilitation programs based on the individual needs and goals of the client and family, aimed at maximising the client’s physical and cognitive independence, while supporting clients and their families emotionally, following a specific neurological disorder. The team aims for successful discharge planning and organisation of ongoing services, including referrals for outpatient therapy programs within local community facilities, as required.


The Neurological Rehabilitation Team is highly dedicated to quality service provision to its clients, and to the future development of Neurological Rehabilitation. This involves the active review of the latest research and information regarding neurological conditions, thus enabling the team to educate clients and their families about issues such as secondary prevention of stroke.


Available at:


Epworth Rehabilitation Brighton

03 9591 9256


Epworth Rehabilitation Camberwell

03 9805 4274 or 03 9805 4275


Epworth Rehabilitation Richmond

03 9426 8714

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