Event details:

Title: Update on Fracture Management, Virtual Fracture Clinics and Hip & Knee Arthritis
Presenters / Topic: 
1. Updates on General Fracture Management for GPs and the rise of the Virtual Fracture Clinic
Presented by Mr Ruban Ambikaipalan, Orthopaedic Surgeon (Hip & Knee)
2. What’s New in Hip and Knee Arthritis
Presented by Mr Brett Moreira, Orthopaedic Surgeon (Hip & Knee)
Date: Wednesday 01 December 2021
Time: 7.00pm – 8.15pm
Where: Zoom Webinar- dial in from your PC/laptop/mobile phone/tablet
Program: Presentation and Q&A


Hosted by Epworth Freemasons, this GP education webinar will be co-presented by Mr Ruban Ambikaipalan and Mr Brett Moreira, Orthopaedic Surgeons. The session will also be moderator by Rudy Ambikaipalan who is also an Orthopaedic Surgeon. 

With COVID forcing us into a virtual world, we saw the take up of ‘Virtual Fracture Clinics’ and an increase in management of fractures in general practice. Ruban and Brett will discuss the details of what happens in hospital outpatient fractures clinics and when should GPs refer to a specialist. They will also go over the criteria for fixation vs non-operative management and long-term sequelae of fracture management and mismanagement. 

Ruban and Brett will also provide a more general update to hip and knee arthritis, discussing non-operative approaches to hip and knee pain, investigations that are useful (and the ones that aren’t), as well as debunking some myths around what works and doesn’t work for hip and knee pain. Lastly, they will touch on new technologies available for patients and the latest evidence for GPs about what’s currently available. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding which fractures can be managed in the general practitioner setting and which fractures require specialist referral. 
  • Understanding the myths GPs and patients encounter when dealing with technologies used for hip and knee replacements (including but not limited to; robots, computer navigation, anterior approaches, 3D and patient specific implants.)


  • 2 CPD Activity points

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