Epworth Chair of Health Information Management

Epworth has appointed Professor Nilmini Wickramasinghe as Epworth Chair of Health Information Management, a collaborative academic appointment with RMIT University.

The field of eHealth is rapidly transforming the delivery of health services and systems and Professor Wickramasinghe has over 15 years research experience in the area of healthcare informatics and has been collaborating with Epworth on projects for almost 10 years.

Healthcare informatics focus on facilitating superior healthcare delivery by looking at resources, devices and methods to optimise the acquisition, storage, retrieval and security in health and bio-medicine.

RMIT Epworth Diploma of Nursing Fellowship

A collaboration between Epworth and RMIT will see an extra intake of Diploma of nursing students wanting to train at and then be employed by Epworth. Epworth nurses provide the teaching and clinical placement facilitation to these students. The objective of this program is to develop workplace-ready nurses to ensure best practice and patient outcomes are continually achieved.