Vision and mission:

The Centre provides academic and professional leadership to staff and students and recognises the importance of combining expertise from both industry and academia to inform the quality and safety of healthcare delivery. A defining feature of the Centre is that it fosters a diverse range of activities in health services research, with the aim of enhancing the research culture at Epworth for staff, academics, students and patients.

Key Objectives

The four key objectives of the Centre are to:

  1. Pursue a program of research supporting the core clinical activities of Epworth HealthCare situated within the Quality and Patient Safety (QPS) domain of the Institute of Health Transformation, Deakin University. Our three overarching research priorities are:
    • Patient engagement and participation in healthcare
    • Patient experiences of care and recovery
    • Interventions to support delivery of high quality, safe care
  2. Support Quality and Patient Safety activities at Epworth HealthCare through research translation.
  3. Provide leadership and mentorship for the professional development of clinical and academic staff through research training and education.
  4. Establish a public profile for Centre activities and the Centre as a leader in research and an expert resource.

Key Partnerships

  • Deakin University School of Nursing and Midwifery
  • Institute of Health Transformation, Deakin University


  • Professor Ana Hutchinson
  • Dr Jane Willcox
  • Dr Damien Khaw
  • Dr Rosalind Lau