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Epworth Research Month celebrates 100 years of working to identify new and better ways to treat our patients and improve their health outcomes.

Epworth Research Month featured an exciting program of live online presentations throughout the month of October. These presentations provide an insight into the research being conducted at Epworth by our dedicated researchers.

This year’s program consisted of 22 webinars with presentations from more than 50 Epworth researchers across a diverse range of disciplines including cancer, mental health, health informatics, nursing, musculoskeletal surgery, rehabilitation medicine, traumatic brain injury and paediatric allergy.

Check out the program of recorded presentations below and the link to our research poster display.

Program of Events | Research Month October 2020

Webinar/Zoom link Details Presenters Date Time 
Epworth Rehabilitation Research – what’s happening? (Part-1)

Assessment of Associated Reactions, by Michelle Kahn

Evaluating Sleep Disturbance in Early Brain Injury Recovery, by Bianca Fedele

Cardiac Rehabilitation for Stroke, by Natasha Machado

New methods of regression: identifying key variables, by Dean McKenzie

Zoom webinar recording

Michelle Kahn, Physiotherapist

Bianca Fedele, Research Manager

Natasha Machado, Exercise Physiologist

Dean McKenzie, Biostatistician

Monday 5 October 12.30–1.30pm
Nursing Research Showcase

Nursing & Midwifery Research 2020 – A Show Case

Nursing research update from Epworth Richmond and Epworth Freemasons

Ward nurses perspectives of the ICU Liaison Nurse role. – Jane Lynch

Experience and needs of New Parents - Stacey Goad & Rosalind Lau

Epworth’s experience introducing the “Voluntary Assisted Dying Legislation” - Suzie Hooper & Eliza Armstrong

Factors associated with ICU Readmission at Epworth Richmond ICU - Emma Hansen

Zoom webinar recording

Jane Lynch

Stacey Goad & Rosalind Lau

Suzie Hooper & Eliza Armstrong

Emma Hansen

Wednesday 7 October 2.30–3.30pm
Back to the Future:

The new role of lateral extra-articular tenodesis in ACL reconstruction

Zoom webinar recording

Professor Julian Feller

Brian Devitt

Wednesday 7 October 5.30–6.30pm
Epworth Centre for Innovation in Mental Health – latest research (Part-1)

What's new in the treatment of mental health disorders with brain stimulation?

Zoom webinar recording

Professor Paul Fitzgerald Thursday 8 October 12.30–1.30pm
Epworth Research Highlights 2020

Virtual poster presentation

Zoom webinar recording

Selected posters Monday 12 October 12.30–1.30pm
Health 4.0 – The digital transformation of healthcare delivery

Presentation of three exemplar research projects:

  1. Tele assessment
  2. CLOTS
  3. Digital twin

Presentation of three exemplar industry projects:

  1. DB results
  2. Curve tomorrow
  3. Notitia

Panel discussion facilitated by Adjunct Professor John Zelcer examining success factors necessary to bring digital health solutions to fruition for healthcare organisations

Zoom webinar recording

Professor Nilmini Wickramasinghe

Adjunct Professor John Zelcer

Dr Nalika Ulapane

Cany D’Menzie

Sanji Kanagalingam

Dr Alex Aviary

Tuesday 13 October 11am–12pm
EJ Whitten Foundation Prostate Cancer Research Centre – latest research update

International PEACE-V STORM clinical trial: nodal recurrences in prostate cancer, by Associate Professor Shankar Siva

#UpFrontPSMA: A randomised phase 2 study of sequential 177Lu-PSMA617 and Docetaxel versus Docetaxel in metastatic hormone-naive prostate cancer, by Arun Azad

Liberate registry of focal brachytherapy, by Jeremy Grummet

Zoom webinar recording

Associate Professor Shankar Siva

Arun Azad

Jeremy Grummet

Wednesday 14 October 8–9am
Nursing Research - Innovating for healthy hearts and minds

Development of recovery-oriented mental health services at Epworth Clinic: Does the introduction of a mental health passport facilitate patient-led recovery? –Natalie Nardella

SR – Consumer experience of Recovery Orientated Practice. – Rosalind Lau

Evaluation of the impact of training on the quality of specialist rehabilitation nursing documentation -Suzie Hooper / Kim Miles

Innovation in delivery of Cardiac Rehabilitation services in the context of the Pandemic - Jo Kevill

Zoom webinar recording

Natalie Nardella

Rosalind Lau

Suzie Hooper

Kim Miles

Jo Kevill

Wednesday 14 October 2.30–3.30pm
Epworth Centre for Innovation in Mental Health – latest research (Part-2)

The development of treatment for cognitive disorders and dementia using brain stimulation

Zoom webinar recording

Professor Kate Hoy Thursday 15 October 12.30–1.30pm
What happens in the long term after traumatic brain injury?

The Monash Epworth Rehabilitation Research Centre has been conducting the Longitudinal Head Injury Outcome Study for 30 years. This webinar will report on three current studies that illuminate the experiences of individuals with traumatic brain injury over many years after injury, in terms of employment, cognitive function and many other aspects of life.

The three presentations will be as follows:

The experience of return to work after traumatic brain injury, by Lauren Libeson

Long-term cognitive functioning decades after traumatic brain injury, by Amelia Hicks

Surviving the ‘silent epidemic’: A qualitative exploration of the long-term Journey after traumatic brain injury, by Prof Jennie Ponsford

Zoom webinar recording

Lauren Libeson is currently completing her PhD investigating vocational rehabilitation following TBI, at Monash University.  She is a provisional psychologist completing her training in clinical neuropsychology.

Amelia Hicks is a Research Fellow at Monash-Epworth Rehabilitation Research Centre. She is currently completing a PhD examining ageing after TBI.

Jennie Ponsford, AO, PhD is the Director of the Monash Epworth Rehabilitation Research Centre and a Professor of Neuropsychology at Monash University. She has led the longitudinal head injury outcome study over 30 years.

Thursday 15 October 4.30–5.30pm
Leading Edge Updates from General Surgery and Gastroenterology Clinical Institute 2020

Dr Suzanne Mahady: Major GI bleeding in older persons using aspirin: incidence and risk factors in the ASPREE randomised control trial

Assoc/ Prof Gary Crosthwaite: Per Oral Endoscopic Myotomy Overview of the first 100 cases in Australia

Mr Phil Smart: Robotic Colorectal Surgery at Epworth in 2020

Zoom webinar recording

Dr Suzanne Mahady

Assoc/ Prof Gary Crosthwaite

Mr Phil Smart

Friday 16 October 12.30–1.30pm
Epworth Rehabilitation Research – what’s happening? (Part-2)

Regional variation in healthcare utilisation and access to services following major traumatic injury, by Jemma Keeves

Trajectory of pain after knee replacement, by Nathan Johns

Prevalence and drivers of burnout in rehabilitation trainees, by Michael Ponsford

Zoom webinar recording

Jemma Keeves, Physiotherapist

Nathan Johns, Rehabilitation Physician

Michael Ponsford, Rehabilitation Physician

Monday 19 October 12.30–1.30pm

Paediatric allergy: Hot topics

Centre for Paediatric Allergies at Epworth

Nut aspiration study – the unintended consequence of early nut introduction, by John Ainsworth

Flake – is it safe in fish allergic children? by Sam Mehr

Don’t soap the baby study – what bathing practices in neonates prevent eczema, by Samara Baldwin and Joanne Smart

Zoom webinar recording

John Ainsworth

Sam Mehr

Samara Baldwin

Joanne Smart

Tuesday 20 October 2.30–3.15pm
Musculoskeletal Surgery Research

Quality improvement – what actually works - Professor Richard de Steiger

The effect of audit on improving outcomes of THR - Robert Steele

Surgical safety checklist project – findings and development of a smart device based electronic checklist with immediate feedback - Minoo Patel

Zoom webinar recording

Professor Richard de Steiger

Robert Steele

Professor Minoo Patel

Wednesday 21 October 12.30– 1.00pm
Nursing Research Showcase (Part 2)

Overview of the MyStay Program of Research- promoting patient participation in their postoperative recovery - Dr Jo McDonall

Overview of Six years of Acute Pain Management research – Dr Damien Khaw

Results of the Psychosocial Impact of COVID19 survey -Dr Sara Holton and Dr Damien Khaw

Zoom webinar recording

Jo McDonall

Damien Khaw

Sara Holton

Wednesday 21 October 2.30– 3.30pm

Ariadne’s thread: your guide to the research process

This webinar is aimed at introducing clinical research trials processes that are conducted at Epworth Healthcare. A website and a mentorship program will be launched that will help answer questions that our staff may have in regards to the conduct of clinical research trials. We hope that you will join us in this fun hour.

Zoom webinar recording

Thilakavathi Chengodu

Susie Moreton

David Glanville

Thursday 22 October


Epworth Centre for Innovation in Mental Health – latest research (Part-3)

The role of mindfulness in supporting mental health

Zoom webinar recording

Dr Neil Bailey Thursday 22 October


New developments in cancer research

An introduction to the Department of Molecular Oncology and Cancer Immunology –Costas Yannakou

Megakarocytes and their complex interplay with the bone marrow microenvironment in myeloproliferative neoplasms – Indu Raman

Zoom webinar recording

Costas Yannakou

Indu Raman

Monday 26 October


New developments in pancreatic cancer

Using next generation sequencing and molecular diagnostics to improve prognostication and treatment in pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic Cysts – Future Directions

Zoom webinar recording

Dan Croagh

Andrew Metz

Tuesday 27 October 2.30-3pm
Nursing Research – Recognition & Response to Clinical Deterioration

Introduction of the NP role at Epworth Geelong ED - Michael Hardie

Outcomes of the Are You Worried Project - Sheila Daly, Michelle Vu, Stuart Shakespeare

Innovating to improve early identification and management of Sepsis at Epworth HC

Recognition & Response to Clinical Deterioration – Research Overview - Professor Julie Considine

Zoom webinar recording

Michael Hardie

Sheila Daly

Deirdre McKaig

Michelle Vu

Stuart Shakespeare

Professor Julie Considine

Wednesday 28 October 12.30–2.00pm
Epworth Centre for Innovation in Mental Health – latest research (Part-4)

Ketamine and psychedelics in the treatment of mental health disorders: Is the hype justified?

Zoom webinar recording

Professor Paul Fitzgerald Thursday 29 October 12.30–1.30pm
New developments in cancer therapy

Exploring the genomic and immune landscape of HER2- positive breast cancer: The pathway to personalised therapeutics, by Libby Blackley

Measuring quality of care – a new paradigm in clinical research by Professor John Zalcberg

Zoom webinar recording

Libby Blackley

Professor John Zalcberg

Friday 30 October 12.30–1.30pm