Epworth Radiation Oncology Research Centre


The recently established Epworth Radiation Oncology Research Centre (ERORC) is taking the lead in developing opportunities for patients to participate in clinical trials of novel treatment techniques, with the aim of improving long terms outcomes from a range of cancer sub-types.

Collaborative research culture

Epworth Radiation Oncology encourages a collaborative research culture, with staff at all levels engaged in the process of identifying and conducting both basic science and clinical research. Our multidisciplinary team of radiation oncologists, radiation therapists, medical physicists and oncology nurses are dedicated to discovering new and innovative ways to provide the highest standard of care by conducting rigorous, high quality research, utilising the best available technology.

ERORC’s dedicated research team support our clinical staff in achieving these aims. Our research and clinical trials are carried out with the approval of the Epworth Human Research Ethics Committee and in accordance with National Health & Medical Research Council’s National Statement on the Ethical Conduct of Human Research (2007) and the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research

Clinical trials

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If you would like more information regarding clinical trials and/or which trials are currently being performed in our department, please contact our Clinical Trials Unit +61 3 9936 8277.

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Epworth Radiation Oncology is affiliated with the Trans-Tasman Oncology Group (TROG) and aims to be a major contributor through active participation and through a strong evidence base, building the profession’s knowledge around best patient outcomes.




Master list ERO Publications 2012-16

Conference Proceedings

Epworth Radiation Oncology boasts a culture of promoting, encouraging and supporting research in all areas of our service. The following are projects that were initiated and conducted by Epworth Radiation Oncology staff who followed on to present their work in national or international radiation oncology related conferences.






Latest technology


There are several challenges associated with accurately targeting tumours in the lungs or abdomen, due to movement that is caused by breathing. New advancements in technology that are currently being investigated at Epworth Radiation Oncology, such as 4-Dimensional Computed Tomography (4DCT) scanning, enabling us to take into account respiratory motion to minimise the risk of missing treating the cancer.


Our research looks into various new applications of this new technology in the context of breast, lung, renal and gastrointestinal cancers, both to more accurately target the tumour, and also minimise the radiation dose to nearby healthy tissue using respiratory gated and tracking techniques. 



Epworth Radiation Oncology fosters a culture of education and training and is regarded as a leading educational institution for Student and Intern Radiation Therapists, Oncology Registrars, and Student Nurses.


We are an active participant in and a proud supporter of the Medical Radiations clinical placement programs led by RMIT and Monash Universities such as student clinical placements, the National Professional Development Program and The Professional Clinical Practice Program. Epworth Radiation Oncology is committed toward providing ongoing support and education to meet the needs and goals of probationary registrants during their placement with us.


Education and training will always remain one of our leading objectives. Consistent effort is guided toward building and sustaining an environment that fosters learning through utilising effective education methods, tools and resources. Our approach toward education stems from our desire to provide our trainees with the most rewarding start to their careers.


We encourage anyone interested in joining our education programs to contact us.