Specialists interested in undertaking specialist practice at Epworth sites are encouraged to submit an expression of interest for an appointment to practice.

Please note, this submission represents an expression of interest only and does not guarantee the right to practice at Epworth.

For more information about partnering with Epworth, or to book a hospital tour, speak to our Business Development Team.

For queries regarding your specialist appointment application, please email: [email protected].

Epworth credentialing expression of interest - specialists

Surgical Assistants

A surgical assistant appointment allows you to undertake surgical assistant duties only.

Medical practitioners seeking to undertake additional medical care should apply for the appropriate role (specialist or junior medical officer).

Applications will take a minimum of one to two weeks to be processed, following the submission of a complete application and references.

Please note, an submission does not guarantee the right to practice and applicants must not agree to assist surgeons at Epworth until Epworth has approved their application in writing.

For queries regarding your surgical assistant application please email: [email protected]

Epworth credentialing - surgical assistant application

Junior medical staff - Career Medical Officer (CMO), Hospital Medical Officer (HMO), intern, registrar

An application for appointment to practice in a junior medical staff position is only completed if you have a confirmed Epworth appointment or rotation.

If you have a confirmed Epworth appointment or rotation please contact the Junior Medical Workforce Team. 

Please note, an application does not guarantee the right to practice until this is confirmed in writing by Epworth.

Should you require assistance, please contact the Junior Medical Workforce Team at: [email protected].

Scope of Practice

As part of your appointment to practice, each doctor must specify the area of clinical practice in which they wish to be accredited, which is referred to as their clinical scope of practice.

At Epworth HealthCare your scope of practice will depend on which Tier A - C you are appointed under.

Tier A  Tier A scope of practice refers to basic accreditation for a given specialty, i.e. the applicant has satisfied the appropriate Fellowship requirements of the relevant medical college.
Tier B Tier B scope of practice applies to a selected range of advanced or emerging interventions, or sub-specialty training for which additional evidence is required. To satisfy Tier B medical accreditation requirements, an applicant needs to provide suitable evidence that they have acquired the appropriate advanced skills and undergone relevant training needed to undertake the restricted procedures.
The evidence could include references, logbooks, completed proctorships, training certificates and some fellowships.
Tier C Tier C scope of practice is for New Interventional Technology/Clinical Practice (NiTCP) which is a therapeutic intervention (including prosthesis, implantable device, medical or surgical procedure), a diagnostic procedure or other clinical practice that is considered by a reasonable body of medical opinion to be significantly different from existing procedures or clinical practice. Applicants seeking Tier C privileges must complete New Interventional Technology / Clinical Practice (NiTCP) forms, which are available via the Epworth intranet, or can be obtained via the Senior Medical Workforce Team at [email protected]. The Medical Administration Registrar coordinates all NiTCP applications.

If you wish to introduce new procedures or clinical practices (or significant revisions of existing procedures and practices) you must provide additional specified information before you can become accredited to perform them. 

If you wish to practice under a scope that you have not been accredited for or to introduce a new procedure or clinical practice (or a significant revision of an existing procedure or clinical practice) you must discuss this with your medical director and formally apply. 

If you wish to review/check the scope of practice you are accredited for, please contact our accreditation team.

If you would like to know more about the Epworth HealthCare Medical Scope of Practice tier system, please refer to the Epworth By-laws or contact the Senior Medical Workforce Team on [email protected] or (03) 9426 6956.

Epworth Values and Behaviours

All medical practitioners at Epworth must adhere to and support our Epworth Values and Behaviours (PDF, 424KB). Further details around professional roles and responsibilities are in the Epworth By-Laws.

Epworth By-Laws

All doctors practicing at Epworth must undertake a formal accreditation process in accordance with the Epworth By-Laws.

All medical professionals should review the by-laws prior to applying to practice Epworth and must commit to the provisions of the by-laws as part of the application process.

Epworth Doctors Charter

The Epworth Doctors Charter outlines the benefits Epworth is committed to providing appointed medical specialists. It iterates the value we place on your contribution to improving the health, wellbeing and experience of every patient, and outlines ways we create a supportive professional environment that sustains excellent and productive specialists who are committed and aligned to Epworth.


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