Patient direct

Some Epworth services do not require GP referral and patients are able to self-refer and call the service directly to book an appointment:


In the home

Hospital in the Home accepts referrals from Epworth emergency departments, Epworth wards and other hospitals.

Services include administration of intravenous therapies (including antibiotics, antivirals, fluids, steroids and prevention of blood clots), blood transfusions and other blood products, pain relief and complex wound care.

GPs and consultants can also refer patients directly to Hospital in the Home.

Hospital in the home

Experience the quality of care you’d expect in an Epworth hospital in the comfort and familiarity of your own home.

You need to be referred by your GP or treating doctor.

Services and clinics

Epworth offers a range of services to our patients across our various Epworth sites. Our services are designed to provide rapid access care and/or specialised services.

The below services accept direct GP referrals:

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Diagnostic services

Various diagnostic services are available across our Epworth sites:


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