• What is an informed financial consent? 

    Informed Financial Consent (IFC) is a document that provides information to a patient, or nominee, about estimated hospital charges, insurer benefits and out of pocket costs (where applicable) that are expected for the associated admission, including notification of likely out-of-pocket expenses (gaps).

    This document has been prepared by our patient services team based on the information provided by you and your specialist.

    Please be advised that the IFC relates to your hospital costs and does not include your doctor's or anaesthetist's fees.

  • How do I sign my IFC? 

    Any self-insured, maternity or orthopaedic patients, who submit their admission information in the Epworth Patient portal, will be able to sign their IFC electronically within the portal. You can open and view your IFC by clicking here in the related admission.

    How do I sign my IFC - Epworth HealthCare

    You will need to complete your admission details in the patient portal to access your IFC.

    Patients who do not complete their admission in the patient portal will be provided with a paper version of the IFC to sign upon admission.

    If you have more than one profile in our patient portal, only the person listed as the primary record holder will be able to sign the IFC on behalf of a patient.

  • How do I get a copy of my IFC? 

    If you signed your IFC on admission, you will be given a copy after signing.

    If you signed your IFC electronically it will be available for you to download as a PDF via the patient portal for up to 6 months. If you require a copy after 6 months, please contact Health Information Services here: https://www.epworth.org.au/for-patients/continuing-your-care/accessing-your-medical-records


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