Chapter 1

Overview of Epworth sites and services

Epworth HealthCare has 11 sites and hospitals. This chapter covers relevant information and links to the range of Epworth services.

Chapter 2

Clinical governance and key contacts

Who’s who in clinical governance and support, including executives, medical directors, Medical Advisory Committees (MACs), Clinical Institute directors.

Chapter 3


What you need to know to get started.

Chapter 4

Medical services 

This covers medical specialist appointments, credentialing and scope of practice.

Chapter 5


This covers Epworth Medical Imaging and Epworth Pathology.
Chapter 6

Medical specialist benefits

This covers car parking, IT privileges, Epworth Knowledge Services, SIM Centre and more.
Chapter 7

Professional development

This covers clinical symposia, clinical training, Grand Rounds and leadership programs.
Chapter 8

Personal support

This covers Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), health service and mentoring.
Chapter 9

Medical specialist expectations

This covers confidentiality, conflict resolution and harassment and bullying, ethical standards, medical registration, indemnity insurance, values and behaviours and working with children certificate.

Chapter 10

On-call and rostering

Participation in on-call rosters is an integral contribution rostered specialists make to the provision of safe quality care.

Chapter 11


This covers antimicrobial stewardship, ARIA medical oncology information system - chemotherapy prescribing, discharge medication orders, duration of medication orders, national inpatient medication chart (NIMC), paediatric prescribing, telephone and verbal orders and venous thromboembolism.

Chapter 12

Admitting and discharging

This covers admissions, discharge, financial inclusions/exclusions, management of patients when you are unavailable, mental health services, obstetric/antenatal patients and paediatric services.

Chapter 13

Medical record documentation

Medical record documentation is a crucial form of communication between medical, allied health and administrative staff. The quality of this information impacts patient medical are and hospital funding.

Chapter 14

Bookings of surgery

This covers consent, doctor responsibilities, patient responsibilities, preoperative verification, responsibilities, scheduling a theatre list and surgical assistants.

Chapter 15

Hand hygiene

Hand hygiene is the single most effective intervention to reduce the risk of healthcare associated infections.

Chapter 16

Adverse events reporting

Epworth is committed to improving performance and ensuring effective management of corporate and clinical risks associated with the occurrence of clinical, non-clinical and staff related incidents or injuries and compliance with relevant legislation and regulations.

Chapter 17

Clinical audits and multidisciplinary meetings

Clinical audits are routinely undertaken in conjunction with the various Clinical Institute to improve our level of care.

Chapter 18

Research at Epworth

Epworth continues to drive excellence in clinical research programs by promoting and supporting investigator-initiated and commercially-sponsored research, strengthening existing research collaborations and further developing national and international industry associations and government relations.

Chapter 19

Epworth Medical Foundation

EMF is a philanthropic trust, raising much-needed funds to ensure our patients receive the best possible care.

Additional information



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Partner with Epworth

Epworth HealthCare is Victoria’s largest not for profit private hospital group, renowned for excellence in diagnosis, treatment, care and rehabilitation. Epworth is an innovator in Australia’s health system, embracing the latest in evidence-based medicine to pioneer treatments and services for our patients.
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