Epworth IT systems access

Epworth Information Technology (IT) Department has established a set of ICT services for Medical Specialists. As part of this service, you will have been provided with a login name and password allowing you to log onto the Epworth computer network. This service is available across all Epworth sites.

An Epworth HealthCare Medical Specialist ICT Orientation Pack (PDF) is available containing information regarding inclusions and exclusions, electronic medical records, pathology and radiology results and more.

A link to access the content was included in your 'Welcome to Epworth HealthCare' automated email and can also be accessed from there. Please read the document to understand what systems you are able to access and how to access and use these systems.

Epworth IT Service Desk contact information

Business hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00am to 6:00pm
Phone: 03 9426 6000
Email: [email protected]
After hours: Monday to Friday 6:00pm to 08:00am, Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays

The IT Department also provides a 24/7 emergency service for critical clinical system issues that have no workaround and cannot wait until the next day.

Obligations to Epworth while using the IT service

You are required to:

Comply with the IT policies of Epworth HealthCare

To use the Microsoft Office Suite (from Epworth's Windows Desktop) Microsoft requires that you already own, or purchase at your expense, a license to use Microsoft office Standard 2013 or a Microsoft Office 365 subscription.

ICT - Acceptable Use of Resources Policy

Car parking

At Epworth we offer complementary car parking to our appointed medical practitioners. Each site has its own car-parking facilities and in order to obtain your pass please contact your business development manager.

Epworth Knowledge Services

Epworth Knowledge Services is available to Epworth VMO's and staff. We provide print and online collections to support the work of the Group, and our services facilitate the development of expertise in clinical, scholarly and research domains. 

All Epworth medical practitioners are welcome to use the library at our Richmond Campus (located at the Clinical Education and Simulation Centre, level 5 Leigh Place). Quiet areas are available to read the latest journal or engage in group work, while computers with full access to EHC tools and resources are also provided.

Contact details:

Fax: 9426 6147
Phone: 9426 6134 or 8420 2533
Email: [email protected]

Epworth Knowledge Services  also supports our doctors through the following:

Literature searching

The Epworth Library staff offer a 1-week turnaround for literature search requests. Please send a clear clinical question through including keywords, along with your contact details so we can follow up on your requests progress. The Literature Search Request form is available on the library intranet.

Article supply

The Epworth Library aims to supply requested articles within 48 hours. Please send full citation details to [email protected]. The article request form is available on the library intranet, or email your request details to [email protected].

Books delivered to all EHC campuses

You can have your library books delivered to you at any EHC site via internal mail, just contact the library once you have identified your books on our catalogue.

Web Resources

Epworth doctors can use the freely available Epworth Resource Guides to discover quality web resources, see http://epworth.libguides.com for a full list. These guides aggregate Epworth's subscribed resources with curated web resources to provide a rich selection of material on a topic or process.

Free clinical data-sets are listed under:

These guides aggregate Epworth's subscribed resources with curated web resources to provide a rich selection of material on a topic or process.

Clinical Databases

The Epworth Library offers a wide selection of clinical databases accessible within the EHC Network. These include:

  • point of care tools such as UpToDate, Mims and eTG
  • databases such as: Medline, Embase, pubmed, Psychinfo and publisher aggregators such as Clinical Key (Elsevier) and Access Medicine (MacGraw-Hill) offering ebooks, ejournals, multimedia and patient education


Medical practitioners are encouraged to work with the library staff to improve your searching and study skills. We offer 1:1 consultations, site visits, phone support, skype meetings, web-based guides etc.

Please contact the Library Manager to discuss how they can help you.

Library Manager

Susie Moreton
Phone: 03 9426 6134
Email: [email protected]

Personalised tours of the library can also be organised. Suggestions or queries are also welcomed.

SIM Centre

Epworth HealthCare has dedicated clinical skills and simulation facilities located at Epworth Richmond and Epworth Eastern for students and staff to enhance clinical skills and knowledge. These state-of-the-art centres, which include simulated operating suite areas, wards and mannekins, help students and staff replace real-life scenarios in realistic settings. The benefit of simulation-based clinical education is that students can learn skills and techniques in a safe and supportive environment. Epworth also has mobile simulation capability for on-site training where a dedicated facility is not available.

The Clinical Education and Simulation Centre is located at Epworth Richmond at 89 Bridge Rd Level 5 Cato Wing and includes:

  • Clinical skills laboratory
  • Eight tutorial rooms
  • Fully equipped simulated operating theatre
  • Multipurpose four-bed area
  • Single bedroom with en suite

The centre has full audio visual capability for live viewing of scenarios, with the ability to play back for debriefing. Equipment includes high fidelity mannekins that have the ability to mimic critical medical events, respond to treatment and be verbally interactive with the participants. There are a variety of anatomical models for practising specific skills, such as CPR, intravenous cannulation and catheterisation. The area is equipped to provide a versatile learning environment.

Tutorial/debriefing rooms and a clinical skills dry laboratory compliments the facility to allow for group facilitated discussions and group presentations.

The Epworth Eastern Education Centre is located at the Elgar Hill Suites, off site from the main hospital at 28 Arnold St, Box Hill.

The centre consists of:

  • A three-bed simulation space, including an area for an operating table and a scrub sink
  • Tutorial rooms with interactive videoconferencing ability. The area has been designed for group tutorials, facilitated discussions, group presentations, clinical skills sessions using task trainers and immersive team scenarios using high fidelity mannikens

Epworth also has mobile simulation capability for on-site training where a dedicated facility is not available.

For enquiries regarding use of any of the simulation spaces, please contact the SIMS centre.

Professional development

At Epworth, we recognise that to achieve our vision of being the best we need to work with the best.

Therefore, we offer our specialists numerous educational, leadership and professional development opportunities to help develop their career.

To find out why you should partner with us, speak to our Business Development Team. 

General Enquiries

For courses, events and queries

Phone: 03 8420 2535
Email: [email protected] 

Director, Clinical Education and Simulation

Ms Tess Vawser

Phone: 03 9426 8620
Email: [email protected]

Other benefits

Any accredited doctor or staff at Epworth HealthCare is still entitled to staff benefits and discounts at participating retailers and dining venues by showing their ID card upon purchase. Further information regarding your entitlements is available on the intranet under employment and staff benefits, however please note that some benefits apply only to employed Specialists.


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