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Connecting GPs with Epworth.

The GP Liaison team is the primary point of contact for general practitioners to Epworth. The role of the team is to help strengthen the relationship between Epworth, Epworth specialists and GPs to enhance patient care.

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GP education

Upcoming GP education events

For GPs - for your patients

Pathology and collection centres

Epworth Pathology provides quality pathology services to doctors and patients at Epworth Hospitals around Melbourne and Geelong. 
For GPs - for your patients

Epworth Medical Imaging

At Epworth Medical Imaging, prompt access plus 24-hour report turnaround means rapid diagnosis, faster treatment and better health outcomes. 
For GPs - for your patients

Find a doctor

To find an accredited Epworth specialist, please refer to our online 'Find a doctor' search. This search provides the most up-to-date information on our specialists and allows you to print or share individual profiles.
For GPs - for patients

Rehabilitation and your patients

Rehabilitation is as much about restoring the mind as it is the body.

It’s a journey that we take with your patients every step of the way; providing the support and expertise they need to improve their life.

Key services

Our key services

Epworth offers comprehensive services at all four major hospitals: Epworth Eastern, Epworth Freemasons, Epworth Geelong and Epworth Richmond. This includes ...


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