Comprehensive emergency treatment and care

An expert team of doctors and nurses are here for you when you need it most at Epworth Richmond.

In our emergency department, have direct access to diagnostic services, theatres and a wide range of on-call specialists and referral services.

Our emergency department treatment spaces are designed to provide privacy while reducing outside noise.

Getting to emergency

Emergency at Epworth Richmond is located at:

62 Erin St Richmond
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Metered street parking is available in Erin and Lennox Streets and underground car parking is also available from Bridge Road entrance – fees apply. We offer short-term drop-off/ pick-up zone in front of our Emergency Department entrance on Erin Street.

A discounted parking pass is available for patients attending Epworth Richmond Emergency Department, available from Emergency Department reception.

Getting to emergency

What to expect at emergency

We understand it can be a stressful time when making the decision to seek emergency care. Sometimes, knowing what to expect can be helpful in these situations.

Firstly, you will be triaged by our highly trained nursing staff to access the urgency of your medical condition. Then, our clerical staff will confirm your personal details and will discuss fees payable.

Following this, your emergency consultation, investigation, and treatment will be undertaken. If your condition requires hospital admission, the team will arrange your transfer to a ward or you will be discharged home with a plan for follow up treatment.

Please be aware, you may experience wait times throughout your visit.

View our emergency department fees