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Navigating endo can be overwhelming. Our endometriosis nurse coordinators are here to answer your questions and guide you through diagnosis, treatment and care at Epworth. 

Endometriosis nurse consultation in Melbourne
Julia Argyrou Endometriosis Centre at Epworth

Endometriosis Patient Guide

The essential guide to living with endometriosis – developed by clinical experts and endorsed by patients.

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A centre of excellence in endometriosis care

We aim to deliver the best care for patients by improving current diagnosis and treatment options and working towards a cure for endometriosis.

Our specialists consult at your choice of Epworth HealthCare location - Victoria’s largest not-for profit private hospital group.

Julia Argyrou Endometriosis Centre at Epworth

Meet our network of endometriosis specialists

Exceptional clinical care, patient experience and research

We apply a holistic approach to patient care that covers all aspects of your treatment – for your social, emotional and physical wellbeing.

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My wish is to not only find a cure but to make others’ experience with endo, very different to mine.
Julia Argyrou

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Julia Argyrou Endometriosis Centre at Epworth

Endometriosis Referral Form

All you need is a referral into our centre. Download our GP referral form and take it to your GP. They can request for you to be referred into our centre, whether it be for treatment or to join one of our clinical trials. It’s that easy.
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