Epworth Pathology

Epworth Pathology provides quality pathology services to doctors and patients at Epworth hospitals. Epworth Pathology is an affiliation of Melbourne Pathology and Epworth. Patients can visit any Epworth Pathology or Melbourne Pathology branch throughout Victoria.

Epworth Pathology offers the following services:

  • all pathology
  • all microbiology
  • autologous blood donation
  • blood pressure monitor
  • Mantoux
  • Anti-D

Pathology collection centres are available in numerous locations.

Epworth Medical Imaging (EMI)

Epworth Medical Imaging provides high quality, fast and efficient imaging services. It will deliver on urgent reports within 90 minutes and non-urgent reports within 24 hours. 

Epworth Medical Imaging provides a dedicated doctor direct service. You can speak directly with radiologists or nuclear medicine physicians, obtain a copy of a report, access patient images and make or check appointments.

Doctor Direct

Doctor Direct is a dedicated service for Epworth Medical imaging referring practitioners and their staff.

Read more Epworth Medical Imaging - information for doctors.


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