Prior to orientation you should become familiar with Epworth Values and Behaviours, Epworth Foundation By-Laws and Doctors Charter.

During orientation you will need to follow up with:

Identification Badge

Please a time with security to organise your new ID card. A link in the intranet under departments > security will have the appropriate forms which are required to be handed in with your request.


All Epworth hospitals use a colour code system for the identification and calling of emergencies. These codes are as follows:

  • Code Red - Fire/Smoke
  • Code Orange - Evacuation
  • Code Purple - Bomb threat
  • Code Black - Personal threat by a member of the public
  • Code Grey - Personal threat by a patient
  • Code Blue - Medical emergency
  • Code Yellow - Internal emergency
  • Code Brown - External disaster

Each Epworth Hospital has a clearly identified phone number used during an emergency to raise the alarm. This number is given priority by the switchboard staff answering the call. Please ensure you are familiar with the emergency number for your site, as these vary across our sites.


The intranet is available on every desktop when you are logged on remotely. External access for all doctors to the intranet can be made available upon request to IT.

On the intranet you will find a great deal of useful information relevant to your practice at Epworth, including:

  • departments and phone guides
  • direct access to useful national guidelines such as MIMS
  • library links
  • newsletters
  • opportunities for continuing professional development activities
  • policies and procedures
  • relevant forms for security/carpark access

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