About Hospital in the Home

Experience the quality of care you’d expect in an Epworth hospital in the comfort and familiarity of your own home.

Services include administration of intravenous therapies (including antibiotics, antivirals, fluids, steroids and prevention of blood clots), blood transfusions and other blood products, pain relief and complex wound care.

Sometimes this means you can leave hospital early. In other cases, you may not need to come to hospital at all, although you are still an ‘admitted patient’.

Services are delivered by a team of Epworth doctors, nurses and allied health professionals.

You need to be referred by your GP or treating doctor.

Referring to Hospital in the Home

Hospital in the Home accepts referrals from Epworth emergency departments, Epworth wards and other hospitals. GPs and consultants can also refer patients directly to Hospital in the Home.

Steps for patient referral

Step 1: Call Hospital in the Home with the potential referral on 0407 530 954

  • Information about care required and patient preparedness e.g. PICC line insitu
  • Treating doctor’s approval
  • Client details and health fund
  • Date of transfer and expected duration of treatment

Step 2: Complete the Hospital in the Home referral checklist (PDF, 32KB) with all relevant information

Step 3: Fax the referral checklist to us on 9426 6856 or email us at [email protected]

Attach relevant paperwork - drug chart, current wound chart for VAC therapy

Step 4: The Hospital in the Home doctor will review the patient, usually within 24 hrs.

For more information contact 0407 530 954 or [email protected]


Epworth Richmond

  • 89 Bridge Road, Richmond VIC 3121
  • Emergency Department is open 24 hours

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