How does Hospital in the Home work?

While an admitted Hospital in the Home patient, doctors, nurses and allied support professionals will come to your home daily to attend to your nursing and medical care.

We recommend you have a carer to help you in the home.

If you need more home help, like cleaning, meals and assistance with showering, please let us know and we will refer you to an appropriate service.

How to access Hospital in the Home

If eligible, you may already have been offered access to this service by your treating doctor.

If not, ask your GP, ward nurse or Epworth doctor if this could be a good option for you. If so, we will contact you, or visit you in hospital to ask more questions about your medical treatment, home environment and social support.

We all need to agree this is the best option for you before we can proceed.

Services are covered by most health insurances (we will check for you in advance).

To find out more, phone 0407 530 954 or email [email protected]

Fees and charges

The Hospital in the Home team will be able to provide you with an estimate of any medical or out of pocket costs.

  • As a Hospital in the Home patient, you can expect the same costs had you stayed in hospital.
  • Services are covered by most health insurances. Some expenses will be dependent on your level of private health insurance.
  • Medications provided as part of your treatment may be covered by your private health insurance.
  • Medications provided during your time as our patient, which you were taking prior to your admission, are not covered.
  • Blood tests or other pathology tests carried out at the request our doctor are billed separately by Melbourne Pathology 03 9287 7888.
  • X-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans or other radiology service carried out as part of your treatment are billed separately by Epworth Medical Imaging 03 9516 2924.
  • There are no out of pocket expenses for medical visits.
  • Fees for medical attendances from our doctors are invoiced together with the hospital invoice. They are separately itemised. Epworth guarantees that only the scheduled fee will be charged. In this way, the entire medical fee will be rebated through Medicare and your private health insurance.

If you have a question about Hospital in the Home fees and charges, please call Epworth Patient Administration on 03 9426 6224 or visit Account Enquiries.


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