Outpatient Rehabilitation services available


Exercises conducted in a heated pool environment. A Hydrotherapy exercise program is prescribed by a physiotherapist or exercise physiologist. The program is supervised by the therapist in the pool and progressed as suitable to achieve the patients goals.

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

For patients after a recent fracture and/ or orthopaedic surgery. Land based exercises and multidisciplinary care tailored to the individuals goals and designed to optimise outcomes.

Neurological Rehabilitation

For people who have had a recent neurological event or experience worsening symptoms as a result of a neurological diagnosis such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, neurosurgery and other progressive neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease.

Reconditioning Program

For people who have goals to regain strength, endurance, balance and function post a hospital stay or deterioration in function.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

For people who have recently had a cardiac event or heart surgery. Group education and exercise over six weeks, aimed at optimising function.

Trauma Rehabilitation

Aimed at optimising patient outcomes post a traumatic accident such as a sporting, workplace or road accident.

Pain Program

For people with a chronic pain diagnosis, requiring a multidisciplinary program designed to assist pain management. This education and exercise program runs twice a week over six weeks and is followed by a booster session six weeks later.

Concussion Clinic

For people requiring a multidisciplinary assessment in a therapy-based clinic designed to optimise patient function post a concussion episode.

Spasticity Clinic

For people who require an assessment, intervention and therapy clinic designed to manage a patients spasticity, optimise their knowledge of suitable exercises and promote safe and efficient function. The clinic may involve spasticity injections to affected muscles, an adjustment of spasticity medication and/ or regular physiotherapy.

Oncology Group

For people who have received a diagnosis of cancer. Suitable patients may still be receiving active treatment or may have finished their treatment. The group involves tailored exercises to suit the individual and an education component from a dietician, psychologist and occupational therapist.

Falls Prevention Group

For people who are at risk of falling or who suffer from recurrent falls and require a comprehensive assessment and treatment clinic. This group runs for five weeks, twice a week, with each session including exercise and education. Sessions aim to improve balance, confidence and mobility.

Parkinson’s Group

For people with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease. Involves a six-week assessment and treatment program featuring education, exercise and voice training.

Arthritis Group

For people who experience arthritis. An individual or group-based program focused on optimising function, strength and mobility prior to surgery.

Bodywise (Bariatric) Group

For people following bariatric surgery. An eight-week exercise and education program that runs twice a week, designed to improve function, exercise tolerance and nutrition.

Empower Me (Cognitive) Group

For people with a diagnosis of dementia or progressive cognitive decline. An eight-week memory skills group with an exercise and education component that runs once per week.

This program is designed for patients with reduced cognitive function and memory. A partner, family member or carer is encouraged to attend to optimise the implementation of strategies learnt.

Allied Health clinicians available:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Social Work
  • Dietetics
  • Speech Pathology
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Psychology

Accessing outpatient care

Patients receiving outpatient rehabilitation will be required to see a rehabilitation physician to oversee their care.

Internal referrals

Complete an electronic outpatient rehabilitation referral eOP1 on BOSSnet or;

  • Email a paper version of the OP1 to [email protected]
  • From acute wards – activate a point of care referral for an outpatient rehabilitation assessment.

External referrals

Please send a signed Doctors referral to [email protected]. Please ensure the referral includes:

  • Reason for referral
  • Goals of rehabilitation
  • Patients health fund details


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