If you are experiencing any issues with the Epworth Patient Portal:

  • Please try refreshing the page, this can help in some instances
  • Refer to the FAQs and videos below, for assistance with registering or submitting your information
  • If you require further support, please contact Patient Services at your admitting location or email [email protected]
  • If you need to send us an email it is helpful for you to include as much detail about the issue you are having as possible (include screenshots, if possible) also let us know:
    • The name of the person the admission is for
    • Preferred contact details

How to register

Completing your online admission

Sign up / Sign in

  • I have been to Epworth before; will I need to register an account?

    Yes, if you have not previously registered for the Epworth Patient Portal. The Portal was introduced in October 2021 so if you have been admitted to Epworth prior to this you may have submitted your admission information online however you will not have registered for the Patient Portal.

    The Epworth Patient Portal is linked to your email. Once you have created your account, you will be able to return to the Patient Portal for all future admissions.

  • I am not receiving the verification code to register

    Please check that you have entered the correct email address. Click Send verification code. You will see the screen below:

    You will receive an email from Microsoft on behalf of Epworth. If you do not see it in your inbox, try checking your spam folder as it may have been filtered.

    Sometimes the verification code can take a few minutes to send.

    If you have not received the verification in 5 minutes, click Send new code on the bottom right and try again.

    If you still have not received the code, try using another email address if you have one.

  • The verification code isn’t working

    Check you have entered the correct code .

    If you have received multiple codes, check the code you are entering is the most recent code you received. Each time you generate a new code, it will invalidate the previous one.

    The code is only valid for 20 minutes. After this time, you will need to Send a new code.

  • I forgot my password

    If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it from the log in screen using the Forgot your password option and following the prompts.

  • Can multiple people share one account?

    Yes. Once you have registered for the Epworth Patient Portal, you will become the primary account holder. If you have additional people that you would like to add, you can use the +New profile to add them to your account, such as a partner or child.

    Once additional patients are added you can manage their admission information.

    If you are the patient’s care giver (such as a parent or guardian), you will need register as the Primary Patient Record (even if you are not coming into hospital) and then add the patient as an Additional Profile.

    When you create a new admission, you will be able to select the appropriate person for the admission.

Submitting your admission

  • I am not able to submit or progress to the next page

    Here are a few things you can check if you are experiencing this issue:

    • You may be missing some information in your admission details. Please check that you have completed all mandatory fields before saving.
    • Any missing information should display at the top of the page when trying to submit. Clicking on each of the links will take you to the relevant question that you need to fill out before submitting.

    You may also want to check that you have not been logged out. This will happen after 20 minutes of inactivity. You can check this by navigating back to the Dashboard screen. If you have been logged out, you will be prompted to log back in and you can continue your admission.

  • I can't find my GP or admitting doctor’s name

    Your GP and admitting doctor are listed with their full legal name.

    To search for a GP or admitting doctor you will need to click the search function (magnifying glass).

    If you are unable to find your GP, try searching for the clinic name first, this will reduce the list of doctors to make it easier for you to find your GP.

    If you still can’t find your GP, try typing in your GP’s full legal name or surname.

    If you are still not able to find your GP, you can tick the I can’t find the referring GP option and you will be able to enter your GP’s information.

    If you are unable to find your admitting doctor, try searching for them by surname or part of the doctor’s surname. As our doctors are listed by their full legal name, it may be easier to find them using their surname.

    You can also try using a wildcard search (*) if entering part of their name eg. Bush*

    If you are still not able to find the correct doctor, please type in Not in List and select any of the options.

  • How do I confirm my information has been received by Epworth?

    When you have successfully submitted your admission information, you will receive a confirmation email to let you know that we have received it.

    You can also view all active admissions in the Upcoming Admissions section of the Dashboard. If the status is displayed as Submitted (highlighted below), then the hospital has successfully received your admission and requires no further action, until you are required to complete the COVID Screening. Once you have submitted your information you will not be able to edit so if you have changes, please contact the Patient Service team.

    If the status displays Draft, the information that the hospital has received is incomplete. Draft Admissions can be edited so you can finish your admission by clicking Edit Admission in the top right of the admission tile and completing any missing information.

  • How do I change my information once submitted?

    Once your admission has a Submitted status, you will not be able to edit it, so it’s a good idea to review the information is correct before you submit. As your name and date of birth are used to identify you, they are also not able to be edited once entered.

    If you require further changes or have made an error, the Epworth Patient Services team will be able to assist you. Please contact your admitting location here or email [email protected].

    Your profile information can be updated at any time.

  • How do I update my admission date?

    If your admission has a status of Draft (i.e. has not been submitted yet), you will be able to edit the admission date in the Admission Details section.

    Once you have submitted your admission you will need to contact your admitting location and the team can update this for you.

    If your admission has been cancelled, you can also let the Patient Services Team know and they will update your admission information.

COVID screening

  • How do I complete my COVID-19 Screening?

    Please refer to our Important COVID-19 Information Page for up-to-date information regarding pre-operative COVID testing

  • What are the COVID testing requirements?

    You will receive an email 3 days prior to your admission prompting you to complete the COVID Screening Questions.

    Once you log into the Epworth Patient Portal you will see the COVID-19 Screening in the admission tile.

    Please refer to our Important COVID-19 Information Page for updated information regarding pre-operative COVID testing.

Paediatric Admissions

  • How do I complete the admission for my child?

    You, the parent, or guardian, will need to be the Primary account holder within the Epworth Patient portal. If you have not signed up previously, you will need to sign up and complete your profile information before adding an additional profile for your child/children.

    If you already have an account, you can add your child as a New Profile.

    You will be prompted to complete the profile information for them and then you can select +New Admission. Once you begin the admission you will be able to choose that the admission is for your child.

    You can add a profile for all children in the family as additional profiles, as needed.


  • Are languages other than English available?

    At this stage the Epworth Patient Portal is not available in languages other than English. If you need assistance, please contact the Patient Services Help Line on 8807 7944 (Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm) or email [email protected].

  • How do I request a private room?

    Allocation of private rooms is based on medical necessity, so we may not always be able to meet expectations about private rooms. If you would like to request to be added to the waiting list for a private room, please contact your admitting location.

    All our maternity rooms are guaranteed private.