Thickened fluids

Your speech pathologist may have recommended that you drink thickened fluids to help manage troubles with swallowing.

Thickened fluids are less likely to go into the airway or lungs because they move more slowly and are easier to control.

Watch the video of the thickened fluid consistency that has been recommended for your specific needs.

If you are not sure, please check with your speech pathologist.

Mildly thick fluids

Moderately thick fluids

Extremely thick fluids

Dysphagia and aspiration risk

Texture-modified foods

Your speech pathologist or dietitian may have recommended that you eat texture-modified foods.

This could be because you are experiencing troubles with swallowing, recovering from surgery or need to manage other issues such as fatigue.

Watch the video of the texture modified food consistency that has been recommended for your specific needs.

If you are not sure, check with your speech pathologist or dietitian.

Modifying your diet – puree

Modifying your diet – minced moist

Modifying your diet – soft bite size

Nutrition support

People in hospital are often at risk of under-nutrition. Your nutritional intake can be affected by your illness, recovery from surgery or symptoms you experience from treatment.

Watch the following videos for tips and guidance on choosing foods and drinks to support your recovery.

Nourishing fluids

Fortifying food

High energy high protein diet

Managing symptoms – loss of appetite

Managing symptoms – nausea

Weight monitoring

Preventing Malnutrition

Closing note

Always follow the advice of your health professional. For more information speak to your dietitian, speech pathologist or healthcare professional.


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