If having a baby is in your future plans, you may have lots of questions about egg freezing. Learning more about fertility treatment options and how you can plan ahead for these can be empowering.

The aim of our Know Endo: Egg freezing and endometriosis webinar is to share helpful information about endometriosis and fertility, so you’re ready to start any conversations that can help you with decision-making and preparation for the egg freezing process.

Gynaecologist A/Prof Jim Tsaltas spoke about the important considerations for fertility preservation, specifically for people with endometriosis. A/Prof Jim Tsaltas is a highly-regarded advanced laparoscopic surgeon and fertility specialist, and an affiliated specialist with the Julia Argyrou Endometriosis Centre at Epworth.


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Egg freezing and endometriosis, webinar recorded 17 April 2023

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This webinar was recorded live on 17 April, 2023 as part of the Know Endo webinar series, presented by the Julia Argyrou Endometriosis Centre at Epworth. 

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