How to refer your patient:

The Centre’s dedicated pancreatic nurse coordinator is available to discuss your patient’s individual situation and introduce our specialists. Please phone (03) 9426 8880 or email at [email protected]

  1. Download and fill out a referral using one of the below methods:
  2. Email or fax the referral to our pancreatic nurse coordinator.
  3. Your patient will be contacted by phone and have an appointment with a specialist within 72 hours of referral. 

You can refer for suspected pancreatic cancer/investigations with no imaging, as an Epworth gastroenterologist will coordinate and carry out initial testing, if required. If there is relevant imaging, please attach as this will inform triage to a gastroenterologist, surgeon or oncologist.

You can refer to the Jreissati Pancreatic Centre at Epworth for:

  • suspected pancreatic cancer
  • treatment, including surgery
  • second opinion
  • clinical trials.
Jreissati Pancreatic Centre

Find a specialist

These specialists in surgery, oncology and gastroenterology have expertise in treating pancreatic cancer and are actively involved in our cutting edge research and clinical trials.
Need help?

Talk to our pancreatic nurse coordinator 

Your pancreatic nurse coordinator will be your first point of contact during your treatment journey at Epworth. They will be able to provide answers to any questions that your or your family may have.
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