The purpose of the Jreissati Family Pancreatic Centre at Epworth is to help people with pancreatic cancer. We achieve this by inspiring hope and providing the best possible care to patients. We also focus on getting patients an appointment with a specialist within days of diagnosis, not weeks.

This ground-breaking project puts 100% of the funding it receives straight into research and clinical care. What sets us apart from other organisations in Australia is our structure.

Our centre comprises of 3 distinct parts:

Clinical care

Our multidisciplinary team provides treatment and care for patients with pancreatic disease. This specialist team includes many different healthcare professionals. These professionals are centrally located within our centre and our hospital network.

Patient experience

The very best in support and education for patients and GPs. All our patients will have a pancreatic nurse coordinator to support them through their care. They’ll be able to help patients and family members navigate their diagnosis, treatment and care.


The Jreissati Family Pancreatic Centre at Epworth centre is running research studies, and clinical trials covering every phase of patient diagnosis, treatment and care. The goal is to improve survival rates and quality of life for patients with pancreatic cancer.
GP referral

Get referred

Once referred to the Jreissati Family Pancreatic Centre at Epworth, you will have an appointment to see one of our experienced specialists within 72 hours.
Support us

Make a donation

Your donation will go to lifesaving research and technology to provide the best in patient care, as well as contributing to saving the lives of those with this deadly disease.
Need help?

Talk to our pancreatic nurse coordinator 

Your pancreatic nurse coordinator will be your first point of contact during your treatment journey at Epworth. They will be able to provide answers to any questions that your or your family may have.
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There’s been little improvement in outcomes for patients with pancreatic cancer over the past 40 years. This is because it hasn't received the same level of research funding as many other cancers. To do better and be better when it comes to pancreatic cancer, The Jreissati Pancreatic Centre at Epworth will:

  • provide centralised care by having all the health professionals you need available at Epworth
  • ensure patients see a specialist within 72 hours of their suspected diagnosis
  • provide patients with their own pancreatic nurse coordinator who will be their point of contact throughout their care
  • provide GPs with tools and education to help identify pancreatic cancer earlier
  • create current, easy to understand information on the disease for patients and their families
  • pioneer new diagnosis and treatment options for people with pancreatic disease
  • increase the survival rate for patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

The Jreissati Family Pancreatic Centre at Epworth will focus on improving the diagnosis, treatment and care of patients with pancreatic cancer. Our commitment to research, patient experience and clinical care will help to ensure better outcomes for patients and their families.