What is immunotherapy?

Any treatment that boosts or uses your immune system is called immunotherapy. The role of your immune system is to protect your body from viruses, diseases and anything foreign. Immunotherapy can come in many forms: medication, cells and vaccinations.

The patient experience of immunotherapies

What is cell therapy?

Any treatment that puts cells into the body is called cellular, or cell, therapy. Our bodies are already made up of trillions of cells. Cell therapy may use your cells as they are (unmodified) or genetically modify them.

Cell therapy for blood cancers includes CAR T-cell therapy and stem cell transplantation.

Our focus

At the Epworth Centre for Immunotherapies and Snowdome Laboratories, we focus on new and innovative treatments for people with leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma.

We invest in research and facilities to make innovative immunotherapies accessible in Australia – so no one misses out. Our goal is to help you stay closer to home for the latest treatments, instead of needing to travel interstate or overseas.

Our Centre is progressing towards a clinical cell therapy service. These therapies will commence through clinical trials at Epworth. Each cell therapy trial has its own eligibility criteria  for patients  with different types and stages of blood cancer.


Stem cell (bone marrow) transplant 

Stem cell transplants may allow your immune system to rebuild and recover after blood cancer treatment. They are a long-studied type of immunotherapy, dating back to the 1950s

CAR T-cell therapy 

We plan to offer CAR T-cell therapy at Epworth through haematology clinical trials in 2023. Our aim is to establish a CAR T-cell therapy clinical service for Epworth blood cancer patients.

Targeted therapies

Targeted therapies are drugs made to work for specific cancers. They aim to target the cells responsible for cancer growth or spread without damaging your non-cancer cells.
Our focus

We lead clinical trials in Victoria, so blood cancer patients can stay closer to home

Clinical trials test the safety and performance of new medications and treatments.

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