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Thanks to our generous donors, Epworth HealthCare has launched an academy to foster and grow the careers of our nurses and midwives, at all stages of their professional journey.

Brookes Academy - Epworth HealthCare

Innovative Academy

Innovative learning pathways in clinical, leadership, education and research will be provided at the Brookes Academy. Through programs delivered across a combination of online, simulation and live environments, the Brookes Academy is a place for nurses and midwives to discover, learn and grow, supporting development throughout their careers.

The Brookes Academy has been made possible through generous donations, including a foundational gift from the family of philanthropist, Roger Brookes.

The Brookes Academy will:

Build and deliver attractive clinical and leadership pathways
Create an inspirational learning environment accessible for all
Empower nurses and midwives to shape their own careers
Care for the community now and into the future
Foster research and innovation outcomes.

Brookes Academy for Nursing and Midwifery at Epworth


For more information

For further information on courses currently offered at the Academy please contact:

Nicole Argall
Dean Nursing Academy