Programs in development 

We are expanding future educational and developmental opportunities for our nurses and midwives, encompassing leadership, education, research, and career coaching streams.

Brookes Academy - Epworth HealthCare

Committed to tailoring programs to meet specific needs, we welcome your input.

If you are interested in actively shaping or piloting our innovative new programs, please reach out to your site Education Manager via email.

Clinical pathway

  • Oncology clinical pathway

    A Transition to Specialty Practice 6-month pilot program will be introduced in 2024, designed to support nurses to develop their specialist Oncology skills. It is hoped that targeted post graduate scholarships will become available following the TSP in future.

  • Explorer/discovery program for Graduate Nurses who complete the Graduate Year

    Participants will be employed within the newly created Central Resource Unit and supported by an Educator. The program will provide an opportunity for these early years nurses to try new areas to see which clinical path they want to pursue.

Leadership pathway

  • Graduate Leadership Program

    A program designed to instil the crucial skill of self-leadership among graduates. This program is specifically tailored for newly graduated nurses and midwives during their first year of practice, integrated into our existing development program.

  • Emerging Leaders Program

    This will be a program for Nurses and Midwives currently working clinically on the ward, who will occasionally be in charge but are not yet officially in a leadership role.

    This program would equip them with the knowledge and basic skills they need to support them when they do find themselves in charge on a shift, as well as who they should contact for help and support when and where needed.

  • Frontline Leaders Program (ANUM/Clinical Educator) 

    This program provides nurses and midwives with the confidence and self-awareness to become an effective workplace leader. It will enable you to deliver excellent patient experiences and outcomes autonomously, competently and confidently.

    For more information, talk to your site Education Manager.

  • Operational Leaders Program

    This will be a development course for nurses and midwives responsible for leading and managing their unit and the ongoing development of the unit. They will be provided with training on aligning strategic priorities from an operational perspective; taking a proactive role in driving quality improvement and shaping a culture of safety. They will be given methods to ensure their teams deliver safe, high quality person-centred care to drive optimal clinical outcomes and an exceptional patient experience.

Educator pathway

  • Clinical Educators Program

    This program will develop the skills of clinical educators to meet critical workforce needs, ensuring a safe and effective environment for our patients and staff.

  • Facilitators Program

    This program will provide a pathway for Epworth staff to develop their facilitation and education skills to deliver Brookes Academy programs.

Research Pathway Program (in development)

This program facilitates the support of research and innovation projects, with the aim of translating findings into tangible enhancements in nursing and midwifery practices.

The goal is to elevate patient outcomes and experiences through the practical application of valuable research insights.

Career coaching

Career coaching will provide guidance on career progression, identify potential development pathways for nurses and midwives, and help you to understand and enrol in these opportunities.

This program is currently being developed and more information will be available in 2024.