Innovative Academy

Innovative learning pathways in clinical, leadership, education and research will be provided at the Brookes Academy. Through programs delivered across a combination of online, simulation and live environments, the Brookes Academy is a place for nurses and midwives to discover, learn and grow, supporting development throughout their careers.

The Brookes Academy has been made possible through generous donations, including a foundational gift from the family of philanthropist, Roger Brookes.

The Brookes Academy will:

Build and deliver attractive clinical and leadership pathways
Create an inspirational learning environment accessible for all
Empower nurses and midwives to shape their own careers
Care for the community now and into the future
Foster research and innovation outcomes.

Brookes Academy for Nursing and Midwifery at Epworth


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For further information on courses currently offered at the Academy please contact:

Nicole Argall
Dean Nursing Academy

Early years

Beginning as a graduate nurse or midwife at Epworth, your early years journey will lead you through various development pathways, including clinical, leadership, education, or research roles. The chance to enhance your skills, learn about new specialties, and enrich your clinical background is facilitated through multiple program offerings.

The Brookes Academy offers an outstanding educational journey for nurses and midwives seeking career progression or higher degrees. A diverse array of learning opportunities and programs are available, offering education credits towards specialty courses or advanced degrees. Additionally, there are opportunities for prioritised funding via Epworth Medical Foundation (EMF) scholarships.

When undertaking a program through the Brookes Academy you join an exclusive community of nurses and midwives. This membership opens doors for you to pursue your desired career pathway.

At Epworth, your future is bright.

Advanced Practice Program (APP)

This Early Years program enables enrolled and registered nurses to grow and develop by enhancing their nursing practice.

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Clinical pathways

Transition to Specialty Practice (TSP)

Critical Care

This pathway is designed for registered nurses aspiring to specialise in Critical Care nursing. The course provides fundamental skills and knowledge for working in critical care areas such as ICU and ED. After completing the TSP, nurses receive a full scholarship to pursue a postgraduate course, with credits awarded for one subject.

Mental Health

This program is for new or existing registered or enrolled nurses who have minimal experience caring for patients in mental health settings, providing the opportunity for nurses to develop knowledge, confidence and skills and reflect on clinical mental health nursing practice.


This program is for new or existing registered or enrolled nurses with minimal experience caring for patients in rehabilitation settings. It provides the opportunity for nurses to develop knowledge, confidence and skills and reflect on clinical rehabilitation nursing practice.

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Introduction to Specialty Practice (ISP)

Offered across Epworth, ISP is for enrolled and registered nurses, enabling growth and development by enhancing their practice in the relevant specialty area. There are currently two programs available: Maternity and Perioperative.

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Postgraduate studies

In collaboration with major universities, Epworth provides an extensive range of postgraduate educational opportunities for nursing staff in a supportive environment. For more information go to Postgraduate programs.

Epworth supports and assists staff to complete postgraduate studies, with more than $3m available in scholarships and research grants through the Epworth Medical Foundation (EMF). Applications open in June each year – for more information please go to Scholarships.

The 2024 Brookes Academy Nursing and Midwifery Targeted Scholarship program provides an exciting opportunity to support professional development by removing the financial disincentive to undertake postgraduate studies in specified specialty areas.

These scholarships will cover the cost of a Commonwealth Supported Position through our university partners. If you are successful in obtaining a postgraduate position within one of these specialties, you will be advised if you have been selected for a Scholarship.

Scholarships are available for the following specialties:

  1. Midwifery
  2. Critical Care
    • Intensive Care Nursing
    • Cardiac Nursing
    • Emergency Nursing
  3. Perioperative
    • Perioperative Nursing
    • Intraoperative Nursing
    • Peri-anaesthesia Nursing

For more information about this process please contact the Grants & Scholarships Manager.

For information on nursing and midwifery at Epworth, whether you are starting with us, working or growing with us, please visit For nurses and midwives.

Leadership pathways


This program is focussed on the topic Leading Self, supporting newly graduated nurses and midwives within their first year of practice, delivered as part of their existing development program.

Emerging Leaders

The Emerging Leaders program has been designed for nurses and midwives occasionally in charge, but not officially in a leadership role. The focus of this program is on Leading Self and Leading Others. It is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills required when in charge on a shift; and provides guidance on contacts for help and support. Nurse Unit Managers or ANUMs will recommend the Emerging Leader for this program, based on the staff member’s interest and aptitude for leadership.

Frontline Leaders (ANUM/Clinical Educator)

This program develops the mindsets, behaviours, and leadership and business skills of ANUMs / Clinical Educators, enabling them to deliver excellent patient experiences and outcomes autonomously, competently, and confidently.

Operational Leaders (NUM/ADCS)

This New Leaders program, provided through EMF scholarships at the Melbourne Business School, provides nurses and midwives with the confidence and self-awareness needed to become an effective workplace leader.

Education pathways

Clinical educators

This program will develop the skills of clinical educators to meet critical workforce needs, ensuring a safe and effective learning environment for our patients and staff.


This program will provide a pathway for Epworth staff to develop their facilitation and education skills to effectively deliver Academy programs.

Research and innovation pathways

This program enables research and innovation projects at the Academy, with the aim of implementing their findings in nursing and midwifery practice to enhance patient outcomes and experiences at Epworth.

For more information, see Research at Epworth.

Career coaching

Career coaching provides career progression guidance, identifying potential development pathways and helping nurses and midwives understand the available learning opportunities.


For further information on courses currently offered at the Academy please contact:

Nicole Argall
Dean Nursing Academy