What is sarcoma cancer?

Sarcoma describes a group of cancer (tumours) that grow in tissue such as muscle, bone, nerves, fat, and many others.

Limb salvage surgery and amputation

We provide our patients with access to advanced treatment for musculoskeletal sarcomas. As sarcomas grow within the tissue, muscle and fat, sometimes amputation may be required to save your life. However, where possible, our dedicated surgeons will work together to remove cancer and perform limb salvage surgery.

Amputation and osseointegration rehabilitation

Epworth Rehabilitation has a team of experts in amputation and osseointegration who help people prepare for amputation or move forward with their recovery and return to everyday life after amputation.

Working together, doctors, nurses, prosthetists, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, social workers, occupational therapists, psychologists and dietitians provide a supportive environment for patients and their families, offering the tools and strategies that can help them move forward in life with confidence and determination.


Find your specialist for orthopaedic oncology

Browse Epworth orthopaedic surgeons with orthopaedic oncology as an area of interest:

Orthopaedic oncology

Central nervous system cancer

Epworth specialists and cancer care specialists work together to diagnose and treat central nervous system (CNS) cancer.
Orthopaedic oncology

Head and neck cancer

Whether you’re undergoing diagnostics, treatment or are supporting a loved one – Epworth is here to support you through the cancer care journey.
Orthopaedic rehabilitation

Amputation rehabilitation

Epworth Rehabilitation provides a supportive environment with some of Australia’s most renowned specialists, to help people prepare for amputation and return to everyday life following an amputation.

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