Epworth provides rehabilitation programs for a range of orthopaedic needs, including:

  • preparing for joint replacement surgery
  • recovering from a hip or knee replacement
  • managing arthritis
  • recovering from a serious injury or accident
  • recovering from fractures, hand injuries, spinal surgery and other orthopaedic injuries.

Working together, our team tailors and delivers a rehabilitation program suited to individual goals and personal needs; incorporating elements of physical, cognitive and emotional therapy, as well as educational support, to give you the confidence to live up to your true potential.

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Orthopaedic rehabilitation

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A referral from your treating specialist, GP or health professional is needed to join a rehabilitation program. Use the details below to send your referral or contact us for more information.

Phone: 1300 345 600
Email: [email protected]

Orthopaedic rehabilitation

Amputation rehabilitation

Epworth Rehabilitation provides a supportive environment with some of Australia’s most renowned specialists, to help people prepare for amputation and return to everyday life following an amputation.
Orthopaedic rehabilitation


Osseointegration is a type of limb replacement for amputees where the artificial limb (prosthesis) is connected to a metal implant directly attached to the bone.
Orthopaedic rehabilitation

Hip and knee replacement rehabilitation

If you are having joint replacement surgery, rehabilitation can help to rebuild your strength, get you moving safely and have you feeling more confident to get back to your everyday life.
Orthopaedic surgery specialties

Multi-trauma orthopaedic rehabilitation

Epworth provides specialist rehabilitation care for people who have sustained traumatic orthopaedic injury, minor brain injuries, amputation, complex wounds and burns following an accident, including a motor vehicle or work-related accident.

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