Robotic surgery

With the advent and introduction of robotic-assisted joint replacement, Epworth Healthcare is at the forefront of joint replacement surgery.

Why does Epworth offer robotic surgery?

The MAKO robot allows for greater cutting accuracy and a better fit of the prosthesis. Early clinical studies show that the technology improves alignment accuracy for knee replacements and reduces chances of possible dislocations and leg length discrepancies with hip replacements.

When is the MAKO robot used for orthopaedic surgeries? 

Currently, the MAKO robot will assist in the following procedures:

  • Hip replacement
  • Knee surgery
Orthopaedic conditions


Epworth offers a comprehensive approach to hip care, with a focus on personalised treatment plans and advanced surgical techniques, including robotic-assisted joint replacement.
Orthopaedic conditions


Epworth offers a comprehensive approach to knee treatment, ensuring patients receive the highest quality care.

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