Newborn photography

Bella Fresh 48 is our dedicated on-site photographer at Epworth Freemasons who is here to help you capture these first, precious moments. Offering private sessions in your postnatal room at Epworth Maternity and Park Hyatt Melbourne.

You can pre-book via the website while you await bub’s arrival. Once you arrive on the postnatal ward and have let Bella know, she will arrange a time to visit you in your room, to capture the earliest days with your new bundle of joy.


For those wanting to feel pampered and nurtured during your stay in hospital, Jane from Mama’s Angels offers a range of hair treatments and self-care packages. Jane is often on the ward and will visit you from the comfort of your postnatal room, at Epworth Maternity or Park Hyatt Melbourne.


Qi Rhythm Massage Therapies is our accredited provider of massage to the maternity ward, providing postnatal massages designed especially to help your body recuperate following the delivery of your baby. Qi Rhythm works closely with Epworth obstetricians to ensure safe and effective treatments. This service is also perfect for pregnant women who are on bed rest prior to delivery or who are experiencing complicated pregnancies.

Bookings are essential on 0417 035 497 or via the link below.

What we offer

Epworth x Park Hyatt Melbourne

Epworth Freemasons is proud to partner with Park Hyatt Melbourne, giving you the opportunity to soak in those first few days with your baby, in five-star luxury while supported by our renowned Epworth midwives.

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