We encourage you to book your maternity service as early as you can, to ensure you can secure the obstetrician of your choice.

Epworth prides itself on having some of the most sought-after doctors, who will be part of your care team. With continuity of care, Epworth Freemasons offers a first-class maternity experience. If you haven’t already, visit our What to Expect page to find out more about the Epworth Maternity experience.

To get you started, here is our baby-steps check list to having an Epworth baby:

  1. Select an Epworth obstetrician

    If you are planning to fall pregnant, we suggest you start looking into obstetricians to decide who will care for you during your pregnancy. If you know you would like to have your baby at Epworth, you will need to select an Epworth accredited specialist.

    Find your obstetrician.

    You can find a list of doctors who practice at Epworth Freemasons by clicking the above link. Call their rooms and their friendly practice staff will be able to answer any questions regarding your care or their fees.

  2. Confirm pregnancy with GP and request a referral to your chosen obstetrician

    Once your home pregnancy test is positive, you need to book an appointment with your GP to confirm your pregnancy. From here, you can ask your GP for a referral to your chosen Epworth obstetrician.

  3. Contact your Epworth obstetrician's room to make your first appointment

    It’s time to make your first appointment to meet your obstetrician. In your first appointment, make sure you tell your obstetrician that you want to birth at Epworth Freemasons. They will arrange your hospital booking.

  4. Complete all the required Epworth Maternity booking forms

    Once your obstetrician’s room has made your booking with Epworth Freemasons, you will be sent some forms to complete to finalise your booking.

  5. Select Epworth education classes and book your place

    To assist you and your family in preparing for the birth of your new baby and early parenting, Epworth offers a comprehensive maternity education program. It’s encouraged patients attend classes between 30-35 weeks of pregnancy.

  6. Connect with other Epworth parents via our Facebook group

    Tap into our group of parents who have been through, or are going through, the Epworth Maternity experience. Join our Facebook group.

Some helpful tips

Epworth midwives are often asked how to choose a maternity hospital, because it’s a decision that’s key to a positive pregnancy and birth experience. To help make it easier, here’s a few things to consider:

  • This is your journey. Your pregnancy, birth and baby will be unique and so will your ideas of how you would like to approach labour and birth. Have a think about what’s important to you and make a list.
  • There are no stupid questions. When you meet your GP for a referral or contact our dedicated Epworth Freemasons Maternity Concierge with any questions, take down notes for future reference.
  • You can research online, but just make sure the information comes from a trusted source. It’s all about making sure you are fully educated with the right and accurate information.
  • Talk to like-minded people you trust. If you’re not ready yet to tell people you’re pregnant, or trying to get pregnant, join the Epworth Maternity Facebook group. You can connect and ask advice from other people, in a safe environment.

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