The Special Care Nursery units at Epworth Freemasons care for premature and ill babies who require intensive monitoring and medical support.

Some common reasons as to why a baby might be admitted into Special Care include being born prematurely (before 37 weeks gestation), if they experience breathing difficulties or if they require IV fluids to maintain safe blood sugar levels. 

Epworth Freemasons is accredited to admit babies from 32 weeks gestation.

Babies admitted to the Special Care Nursery receive specialised care and are kept under observation 24 hours a day. They are screened for a variety of health issues and are treated accordingly.

Babies admitted into the Special Care Nursery will be admitted under one of Epworth's consultant paediatricians who will oversee their care. Your baby's progress will be reviewed daily by your paediatrician and we have paediatricians on-call after hours and in case of emergencies.

As well as your paediatrician, the nursery has an experienced neonatal nursing and midwifery team, dedicated to ensuring that your baby receives the best care.

Our team prides itself on developing a family centred approach to their care of babies in the nursery and encourage parents to participate in all aspects of their baby's care including feeding, bathing and dressing.

Special Care Nursery visiting hours

Visiting hours for parents are unrestricted. We encourage parents to be present as much as possible as your baby can hear your voice and feel your touch. 

Visiting hours have changed. Before visiting the hospital, please read the following information:

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