It is a good idea to start preparing for maternity costs before you are pregnant, when considering a private hospital for your care.

Obstetrician, paediatrician, anaesthetist, medical practitioner, medical imaging and pathology fees are separate to hospital fees. All fees will be discussed with you by individual practitioners.

Private health insurance

If you have private health insurance, we recommend you contact your provider and ask:

  • Am I covered for obstetrics?
  • What is my excess?
  • Do I have co-payments?
  • Will I have any other out of pocket expenses?
  • Do I have family cover and will my baby be covered for Special Care Nursery admission if required?

Most funds will impose a 12-month waiting period before your baby's due date. Please check with your private health insurance regarding your specific policy.

Self-funded maternity

If you do not have private health insurance, or are covered by an overseas policy, you can still choose to have your baby at Epworth with a self-funded option. To find out more about self-funded maternity fees at Epworth, please contact us.

Other considerations

  • Maternity and paternity leave

    Find out whether your employer has paid parenting leave and add this to any government entitlements to calculate your expected income when your baby arrives. It’s also worth investigating whether you can dip into annual and long-service leave. If you are self-employed, it’s a good time to consider how much time you can practically take off work. Is working from home an option?

  • Baby budget

    Even the best planned budgets need some wriggle room. There can be unexpected costs when it comes to having a baby. These might include medical care and tests or even birthing classes if they’re not covered by your health insurer. Depending on how far ahead you want to look, you might like to do a rough guess on additional costs of nappies and childcare. Thinking longer term about how many children you’d like to have can also help with financial planning.

  • What to expect

    Even though you might not be pregnant yet, it’s worth considering what sort of hospital support you’d like on your journey to parenthood.

    Make a list of the things that are important to you and find your best fit.

    If you choose to have your baby at Epworth you can expect:

    • Guaranteed private rooms
    • Premium care and experience
    • Four-night minimum stay
    • Lactation consultants
    • Exceptional menu and dedicated onsite chefs
    • Accommodation for your partner or support person
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