Generation Victoria (GenV)

Epworth Maternity is proud to support the GenV research project that aims to improve long-term health and wellbeing for Victorian children and parents.

Epworth Freemasons is working with the GenV project team to offer patients the opportunity to participate in this statewide project, led by the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute.

All Epworth Maternity families are invited to participate in the two year study, alongside other maternity hospitals across the state.

GenV is one of the world’s largest-ever birth and parent cohort studies. It hopes to help solve problems like asthma, food allergies, obesity and mental illness by following babies in the first two years of their lives. By 2035, the vision of GenV is to have contributed to a happier, healthier future.

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What does GenV involve?

A GenV team member will contact you soon after your baby is born, usually in the hospital, to seek your consent for your baby to take part, alongside one or more parents or guardians.

Information about you and your baby is collected on the spot. If you agree, we collect a saliva swab from inside the cheek of you and your baby’s cheeks. This will allow researchers to look more closely at how genetics and biology affect health and wellbeing.

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Who is conducting GenV?

GenV, led by the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, is supported by The Royal Children’s Hospital, the University of Melbourne and is funded by the Paul Ramsay Foundation (PRF), the Victorian Government and The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation.

GenV's incredible potential to improve health and wellbeing for all families


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