It’s one of the most exciting times of pregnancy, feeling your baby move for the first time.

You’re likely to start feeling your baby somewhere between 16 to 24 weeks and those early movements may feel like a tiny flutter.

Epworth Midwife Stacey Goad says as your baby grows, those movements will get more pronounced.

‘They could be like a swish, roll, flutter or kick. Don’t be surprised if you feel a foot hit your lower ribs, as your little one stretches and jumps around inside your uterus,’ Stacey said.

‘As your pregnancy progresses, you’ll get to know your baby’s unique pattern of movement. They may have a routine and have regular active periods and sleep phases.’

‘Even towards the end of your pregnancy, when there is limited space for your baby to move, you should still feel your baby moving regularly. If your baby’s pattern of movement changes, for example if it suddenly increases or slows down, I’d urge you not to ignore it, but call your obstetrician or Birth Suite midwives. We are here any time of the day or night.’

A change in your baby’s movements can sometimes be a warning sign that your baby is unwell and should be checked out without delaying.

‘Once you speak with your obstetrician or birth suite midwife, you will be asked in for us to monitor your baby.’

We would rather check you and your baby out and be reassured that you are both well, than for you to worry at home or for something to happen to your baby. ‘If you feel that something’s not right, nothing is a bother to us. That is why we are here, just a phone call away. We’re here to make sure that mum and baby are both well. Nothing is an inconvenience and we never think that a mother is overreacting. ‘

‘If you walk out the door after monitoring and need to call us again in an hour because you’re concerned, do it. You know your body and your baby best,’ Stacey said. is a really good resource if you still have unanswered questions about your baby’s movements or discuss your concerns with your obstetrician.

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