What is epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder characterised by recurrent seizures. Seizures are sudden bursts of electrical activity in the brain that can cause changes in behaviour, movements or sensations.

What causes epilepsy?

Epilepsy can affect people of all ages and may have no identifiable cause. Some varieties of epilepsy can run in the family and is caused by genetic factors. Epilepsy diagnosed in later adulthood may be caused by brain injury, brain infections or abnormal brain development.


We will conduct a thorough evaluation to ensure an accurate diagnosis. If epilepsy is suspected, your doctor may arrange the following assessments to confirm the diagnosis:

  • Electroencephalogram (EEG)
  • Medical imaging such as an MRI or PET scan
  • Blood tests
  • Neurological examination
  • Genetic testing
Neurology and neurosurgery

Get referred

To receive a diagnosis or treatment from an Epworth specialist, the first step is to schedule an appointment with your GP and request a referral.

Treatment and management

Our dedicated neurologists, doctors, nurses and allied health team will work to support your recovery and provide lifestyle changes that will help manage the risk of future seizures.

Depending on your type of epilepsy, your Epworth neurologist may recommend the following:

  • Medication to reduce the frequency and severity of seizures
  • Vagal nerve stimulation
  • Surgery
  • Lifestyle changes, such as diet
  • Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation may be advised to address some symptoms or concerns associated with an epilepsy diagnosis. Epworth Rehabilitation offers a range of specialised programs and clinics, including a driver rehabilitation program.

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Your care team at Epworth

The multidisciplinary team for epilepsy includes a specialist neurologist and allied health professionals, such as a neuropsychologist, occupational therapist and speech pathologist.

Learn more about the health professionals in the neurology care team.

Neurology and neurosurgery

Choosing your Epworth specialist

Meet our specialist neurologists and neurosurgeons, accredited at Epworth.