Project gathers pace

3 July 2015

The wind may have been cold and the sky grey, but that didn’t dampen Vicki Jellie’s mood.

The founder of Peter’s Project looked on eagerly as a crane continued turning the dream of an integrated cancer centre in the south-west into reality.

“It’s so exciting,” she said. “I drive past a couple of times a week just to have a look at all the progress that’s being made.”

Despite her constant visits to the site across from the Warrnambool Base Hospital in Ryot street, the progress sometimes catches her unaware.

“The double story car park has started to sprout out of the ground this week which caught me by surprise,” she said. “All the concrete and panels for the (radiotherapy) bunkers are up and it is really starting to come along now.

“Everything is still on schedule and they are saying the centre should be up and running by August next year.”

Peter’s Project Foundation director Vern Robson said it was wonderful for the community to see exactly where their dollars were going.

Every dollar raised has gone back into the project


“We didn’t pay fundraisers, it was all done voluntarily. So every dollar raised has gone back into the project,” he said.


“This would have to be one of the biggest community fundraising events in the south-west ever, it’s wonderful to finally see it becoming a reality.”


Ms Jellie said the centre only became a reality because of the community.


“Yes there is money from the state and federal governments. But that only came about because the community pushed for it and raised $5 million,” she said. “That’s a rare thing and not every community can do that and not every community can physically see where their money has gone.”


She said Peter’s Project board members were still actively involved in the decision-making process, working with architects, cancer centre operators Epworth Healthcare and the Department of Health.


“We helped select all the furniture and the internal fittings, so we are still very involved,” Ms Jellie said.


“Support for the foundation is also still strong and people are still raising funds. That money will go towards running the Peter’s Project Support Centre and supporting other hospitals around the south-west.”

More information

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Published with kind permission from The Standard at Warrnambool.