A life-long bond

2 November 2017

Canterbury mother of three Leane Flynn is celebrating today. After six months of chemotherapy at Epworth Eastern Day Medical Unit, today is the last one recommended for her ovarian cancer treatment. Lissa and Leane

Her twin sister Lissa Marshall, has been her biggest fan and a rock solid support throughout her illness. Not only did she embrace ‘Frocktober’ by wearing a gorgeous formal dress, complete with matching shoes and accessories, but she raised $2160 towards further research into ovarian cancer (https://frocktober2017.everydayhero.com/au/lissa). Each day for a week she ‘frocked up to the nines’ and went about her daily activities of grocery shopping, having a coffee in a local café, and accompanying Leane to her treatment. ​

Leane is grateful to have retained her hair despite the treatment, through using a scalp-cooling machine which was provided to the DMU by the Epworth Medical Foundation, thanks to our generous donors. 

The scalp-cooling machine which chills the scalp to freeze the hair can be uncomfortable for the wearer as there is a large tube running from the base of the neck to the machine, but again Lissa came to her sister's rescue. She invented and designe​​d long tube-like heat bags to sit against the skin to make it more comfortable.  After realising their efficiency, Lissa made extra ones and donated them to the DMU for other patients. 

Lissa and Leane are Style and Image Consultants and together run fashionistasistas.com.au . Their catch phrase is “Building Self Esteem through Style” so they understand the importance of looking good for women.

Epworth wishes the dynamic pair the very best future.