Is Melbourne the Allergy Capital of the World?

The answer unfortunately is yes. In this interview ​on ABC Radio Melbourne on Tuesday 10 July, Dr John Ainsworth says that five percent
of young people (children under five years of age) have a proper allergy that needs to be treated seriously.

He suspects that Melb​ourne’s reputation as the allergy capital is due to our temperate climate. Presenter Matt Preston asked if allergies could be hereditary, and what can we do to build our immunity to them. 

Listen to the interview​​ and talkback questions answered by Dr John Ainsworth, newly-appointed Fellow at the Centre for Paediatric Allergies at Epworth,  a new research collaboration financially supported by the Australian Food Allergy Foundation​ and Epworth Medical Foundation.

Replayed here with kind permission of ABC Radio Melbourne.

Presenter Matt Preston with Epworth and RCH Allergy doctor John Ainsworth