Taking time for the good

Anyone with questions about treatment at Epworth Eastern in Box Hill can pop into the hospital this week to have a chat with its team members.

The Epworth community is beginning spring by celebrating the strong relationship it fosters between patients, their families and the medical staff.

Epworth Eastern executive director Louise O’Connor said the week was about taking the time to recognise the good things against the background of illnesses and injuries being treated.

“We believe every staff member across the hospital has the ability to impact a patient’s experience every minute of every day,” she said.

She said the annual campaign showcased the hospital’s commitment to making every interaction between staff and patients a personalised experience.

Ms O’Connor said day-patients and anyone considering treatment at Epworth Eastern were welcome to come in during the week to ask questions and experience the hospital.

Staff members from each team will be roving around the hospital, armed with teddies and showbags, answering questions and taking feedback. Activities are also on the cards, with daily quizzes and games for the 162 in-patients.

Patient Norma Anderson has shared her feedback ahead of the celebration. “I just can’t fault the staff there,” she said.

“Everyone, from the top to the bottom of the hospital are just so caring, doing whatever it takes to help me and it has just made my experience that little bit easier.”

Photo: Graduate nurse Kaye Klemente with Epworth Eastern patient Norma Anderson.

Article: C/o Whitehorse Leader