We won’t forget you either Luke

Luke Pearce – Marathon Man


Epworth Rehabilitation staff often meet people when they are at their most vulnerable and work with them until they walk out of our
facilities with grateful smiles on their faces. Recently, health finance worker Luke Pearce was invited to Epworth Brighton for the team there to say thanks to him for raising nearly $3000 in thanks for his care.  

In June 2016, he had been involved in a life-changing accident. He was knocked down by a bus while walking, flown by helicopter to the Royal Melbourne, and spent the next five weeks in a trauma ward while undergoing multiple operations and lengthy procedures. All the skin from his leg was lost and he needed many skin and muscle grafts from his left leg and back. During that time, he was unable to lift his head or move his legs.


“Sometimes I was not even allowed to sit up. After being ‘put back together’ at Royal Melbourne, I arrived at Epworth Brighton on 14 July 2016 with a prognosis from doctors that I may never run again. After being admitted, I couldn’t wait to get moving again, and was surprised when I began to fall over as soon as I tried to stand up.


“During the three weeks as an inpatient followed by 13 months of outpatient physio, with staff encouraging me in every way – even in eating as I had lost so much weight – I went from not being able to training for the Melbourne Marathon that took place last October.


“I also made a decision to fundraise on behalf of both hospitals but I knew I wanted the funds going to the Brighton facility staff as a thank you for their amazing work. A lot of times funding goes to medical research or a particular project but, for this fundraiser I just wanted to give back to the staff.

“Throughout my stay they were incredible. From the nurses on the ward, to the physios and OTs, as well as reception staff and psychologists, I guarantee that every member of staff went above and beyond their duty to make my stay as comfortable as possible.

Even those who were not directly involved in my care, made the effort to learn my name and would check in to see how I was progressing.


This made a difficult time so much easier to the extent that when I finished my treatment last month, it was actually a sad day”.

Photos: Luke after completing the Marathon and then celebrating with the fabulous team at Epworth Brighton.​