Postgraduate Perioperative Programs

Epworth HealthCare offers a variety of postgraduate programs within the perioperative area which provide extensive clinical experience in this key specialty. The courses are based at Epworth Richmond, Epworth Eastern and Epworth Freemasons.


Courses offered include:


  • Postgraduate certificate, postgraduate diploma, or as part of Masters of Nursing (Perioperative)


Our programs offer clinical experience in a highly supportive environment with opportunities for further advancement and development. We are affiliated with Deakin University for the Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma in Perioperative Care.


Extensive clinical support is available through course coordinators, nurse educators, preceptorship programs, mentors and peers.

For further information regarding courses, entry requirements, and associated employment options contact:


Epworth Richmond

Perioperative educators

(03) 9426 8891

Epworth Eastern

Perioperative educators

(03) 8807 7358

Epworth Freemasons

Perioperative educators

(03) 9483 3385

Epworth Geelong

Perioperative educator 

(03) 5271 7908