For visitors


Visiting hours


Long visits may tire patients, so please show consideration and stay for short periods only. We also ask that visitors are considerate of other patients and keep noise levels low when visiting, and supervise children at all times.

In the interest of all patients, if you feel unwell or know you have a cold or flu please refrain from visiting until your health improves.

Clarendon Street visiting hours:

11am – 8pm daily 

Maternity visiting hours:

Visitors are welcome any time throughout the day up until 8pm. Please ensure that you check with the new family before coming in.​


Flowers and plants

Epworth Freemasons, 2 East (Oncology and Haematology​

  • We ask that no flowers be brought to patients on Ward 2 EastAlternative gifts such as balloons or cards are welcome​. 

  • Lilies are known to cause allergies and related symptoms in some people. In order to protect our patients, staff and visitors from this known allergen, Epworth does not allow lilies to be brought into any of our hospitals. 

We have encouraged patients to bring in artificial gifts which last much longer and are safe for all patients admitted into the rooms. 


Refreshments and meals


Freeo's Cafe Clarendon Street:

Monday to Friday             7am – 8pm

Saturday and Sunday     9.30am – 6.30pm

Public holidays                9.30am – 6.30pm




Two on site pharmacies are available, one at the Victoria Parade medical centre, the other at the Clarendon Street site, for patient pharmaceutical needs as well as a range of gifts for adults, children and new mothers. Gift wrapping is also available. 


Accommodation for visitors


The list below details nearby accommodation options for family and visitors of patients at Epworth Freemasons.


Accommodation options - Epworth Freemasons


Rates are subject to change, please call to confirm.​