Christmas parties and foodhandling

We don’t always get the classic heart-attack symptoms

Gastro or 'gastroenteritis' is related to food poisoning is a risk during summer months. The weather’s warmer, people are out and enjoying Melbourne’s cafe culture and BBQs.

Good food handling is essential:
  • Wash hands before handling food
  • Clean preparation areas
  • Avoid contaminating cooked food with raw materials (pay attention to inadvertent contamination through using utensils on raw then cooked food, or storing raw food near cooked

  • Avoid leaving food out of the fridge for too long
  • Ensure cooking temperatures are adequate, especially for poultry and reheating (use a cooking thermometer!)
  • Avoid eating out-of-date foods

Gastroenteritis causes vomiting and diarrhoea. If symptoms persist or other symptoms occur (such as severe abdominal pain) a review by a doctor is advised.

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