Maternity questions

Some of the most common questions expectant mothers have about their stay at Epworth Freemasons Maternity are listed below.


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Epworth Post Natal Ward

Phone: 03 9418 8304


How do I book into Epworth Freemasons when I find out I am pregnant?

All you have to do to book into Epworth Freemasons is to ask your doctor for a referral to an Epworth Freemasons accredited Obstetrician.


If you would like help in choosing one, go to the choosing an obstetrician section on our website and click on the Epworth Freemasons accredited Obstetricians list.
 Your obstetrician’s rooms will book you into Epworth Freemasons.

How do I book a tour of the hospital?

We love meeting all our expectant parents and to help with any questions and/or concerns you may have about your stay with us.

Simply book online or call 03 9418 8300 to make a booking. Tours are conducted 6pm on Wednesdays and 12.30pm on Fridays by a midwife. 


How much will the hospital stay cost?

This will depend on whether or not you have health insurance and the level of cover you have.


Contact your private health care insurer and check that you have obstetrics cover. Ask your insurer what other out of pocket expenses there will be. Every insurer is different, and the cost to you will also depend on the type of cover you have. It is also a very good idea to check that you have family cover (or cover that extends to your newborn baby) so that your baby is also covered if it needed to go, for example, to the special care nursery.


There are also other costs associated with having a baby, such as your obstetrician, ultrasound, pathology, paediatrician and anaesthetist. Although you may not require all of these services, they are separate costs that you will also need to check with your private health insurer and other service providers.


If you don’t have private health insurance, phone 03 9418 8300 for further information regarding the cost of staying at Epworth Freemasons.


There is no booking fee. There is also no extra cost if you would like to be transferred to the Park Hyatt during your stay. Your partner’s meals and any mini bar purchases are the only additional costs.

How do I book into Childbirth and Parenting Classes?

The Childbirth Education form is included in your welcome pack. Please return the Childbirth Education form within four weeks to avoid disappointment. 


Childbirth Education classes cost $165 per couple. There are no charges applicable for BUPA, NIB and Medibank customers.

For further information contact Childbirth Education on 03 9418 8314

What do I bring to hospital?

To prepare for your upcoming maternity admission, It is recommended to pack the following items:

  • Your blood group card (if you have one)

  • Medications you are taking

Please bring two smaller suitcases if possible.​

In your suitcase for mother:

  • Leisure wear

  • Night gowns (3 - 4)

  • Dressing gown (light) and footwear eg sandals/thongs

  • Comfortable bras

  • One box nursing pads

  • Three packets maternity/thick sanitary pads (Kotex)

  • Personal toiletries

For baby:

  • Six grow suits

  • Six cotton singlets

  • Six bunny rugs

  • Two pairs mittens and booties, one bonnet/hat

  • Baby bath solution or baby soap

  • Baby wipes or Cotton Wool

For twins – double baby requirements 

Please ensure all personal items are clearly marked with your surname.

How many nights do I have to stay in hospital?

Although every birth is different, the length of stay is four nights (going home on day five) for a natural birth or a planned caesarean section.

If you have had an emergency or a more complicated caesarean section you will stay for an extra day and go home on day six.


Please note. Self insured patients

Length of stay for a natural birth is three nights (going home on day four). If you have a Caesarean section, length of stay is four nights (going home on day five).


Early discharge vouchers are available should you decide to return home earlier. Please speak to your midwife or nurse in charge to discuss this option.

When to come into hospital

If there are strong signs of labour such as your waters breaking, regular contractions or blood loss, please call Birth suite so we can prepare for your admission and inform your Obstetrician.  

Alternatively, if you are not sure or you are worried, please call the hospital anytime.

Birth Suite phone number: 03 9418 8302

For a booking:

Ask your general practitioner to refer you to an Epworth accredited obstetrician.

For more information call:

03 9418 8300