heart-smart-logo.gifHeartSmart is a cardiac rehabilitation program offered to Epworth patients and is available at Epworth Richmond and Epworth Eastern (operating from Whitehorse Fitness Centre, Box Hill).  


HeartSmart encourages you to live a healthy lifestyle and make long-term changes to reduce future cardiac risk factors, and educates people with a heart problem by giving them practical advice on how to manage their risk factors, medications and diet.


The program is delivered by dedicated healthcare professionals, providing you with information and tools towards better nutrition, managing medications, exercising right and so much more.


Contact the program coordinator on (03) 9426 6625 or email heartsmart@epworth.org.au.


The program

heartsmart-walking.jpgHeartSmart is for people of all ages who are at risk or have experienced a heart attack, heart problem, heart procedure or heart surgery.


HeartSmart helps cardiac patients:


  • Reduce their chance for future heart problems

  • Develop their well being

  • Move on and enjoy their life


HeartSmart informs cardiac patients on:


  1. healthy and nutritious eating

  2. exercising right and getting active every day

  3. maintaining a healthy body weight

  4. recognising the signs and symptoms of heart disease

  5. managing risk factors


so that future risks of heart disease or heart problems can be dramatically reduced.


The HeartSmart program runs from two locations – Epworth Richmond and Epworth Eastern (operating from Whitehorse Fitness Centre, Box Hill). Our program, run over a six week period, is designed to help you improve your cardiac health and reduce the risk of another heart problem by giving you the information you need.


To learn more about the HeartSmart Program download our free booklet or email heartsmart@epworth.org.au

Living with heart disease

heartsmart-holding.jpgWhat is heart disease?

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in Australia and one of the main reasons people are admitted to hospital. In fact, cardio-vascular disease affects ONE in SIX Australians (that is 3.2 million people). Heart disease is Australia’s number one killer.


Heart disease includes:

  • Angina – chest pain, ache or discomfort which may come and go, caused by insufficient blood flow and oxygen to the heart muscle

  • Blocked arteries – a build-up of fatty plaque inside your arteries blocking the flow of blood

  • Heart attack – when a blood clot blocks the flow of blood to your heart and deprives it of oxygen


Source: Heart Foundation


Know what to do after your heart problem

Heart surgery or cardiac intervention and immediate hospital stay are the first steps in getting back to a healthy heart and a normal life. However, once a person leaves hospital, they may not be sure what to do next.


The next step is to attend a cardiac rehabilitation program after cardiac surgery or cardiac event.


A cardiac rehabilitation program can play a pivotal role in improving a patient’s recovery from heart surgery or cardiac intervention. This program provides a patient with invaluable knowledge and tools on the steps they can take to get back to leading a healthy life and having a healthy heart once again.

A supportive environment towards a healthy heart

HeartSmart connects you with others who also have heart disease. Sharing experiences is both helpful and rewarding, leading to renewed confidence and much-needed support through difficult and frustrating times.


Family participation and support play an incredibly important role in your recovery and continued good health. Your partner or spouse can join you at the HeartSmart Program and provide you with encouragement and support.


Further information and contact

Enrolling in HeartSmart is easy and most private health funds and Veterans’ Affairs cover the cost of the HeartSmart Program.


Simply contact HeartSmart today to learn more about a healthy heart after your heart problem. Download our free booklets “What’s your next step?” and “My next step in cardiac recovery”.


Or phone HeartSmart on (03) 9426 6625 Monday to Friday between 9.00am and 5.00pm or email HeartSmart@epworth.org.au