Amputee program


Whilst the process of losing a limb is a traumatic event, Epworth Rehabilitation provides an environment to help people move forward with their recovery and establish the skills that will assist them return home and to their previous lifestyle.

Both inpatient and outpatient programs are offered and provide a comprehensive service with the main aim to assist people function optimally in their community. The treating team is composed of specialist rehabilitation and pain management physicians, nurses, prosthetists, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, occupational therapists, clinical psychologists, social workers, dietitians and pastoral care staff. 

The amputee rehabilitation team at Epworth Hawthorn works closely with each patient to develop an individualised program to enable patients to regain independence following amputation. Patients fitted with a prosthesis will undergo retraining to enhance their function, improve their mobility and independence.

Our dedicated team provides a number of specialised amputee services including:

  • rehabilitation following osseointegration, an advanced technology enabling direct attachment of prosthesis to bone
  • upper limb prosthetic training, including myoelectric prostheses
  • wheelchair and seating prescription
  • running and agility retraining
  • cycling retraining
  • returning to driving.

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